Friend compatibility? Pisces/ Virgo?

  • Okay, so I know that Pisces are overly sensitive and can be hurt by the simplist things. I have also learned that we Pisces have very good intuition.

    I have/had a very good friend. They hurt me in the worst way imaginable. They critisized my character and tried to call me an overall bad person. When I confronted this friend, they apologized for what they said and admitted that they deeply regretted it. I am now a little distant from this friend because it's hard to fall back into the old ways of things. They never take me serious and sometimes think what I say is a joke.

    My DOB is Feb. 23, 1997.

    Theirs is Dec. 30, 1996.

    Also I am starting to gain a best friend who is a Virgo. I understand that we are complete opposites.

    My DOB is Feb. 23, 1997.

    Theirs is Sep. 11, 1996.

    Can you compare these 2 friendships?

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