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  • Beloved friends, I AM Saint-Germain. I would like to invite you to open yourselves to the energetic space that we occupy now. To breathe deeply, and to prepare yourselves for all the goodness that can be shared with you now.

    My friends, humanity is at an important crossroad. This is a time of unparalleled transformation. As you stand here on the threshold of better times, you are being invited to look at your life experiences, both individually and collectively. When you feel ready, then each of you will make decisions that are necessary to allow your forward progress.

    With the solstice on December 21st and the lunar eclipse that precedes it, you may feel that a crossroad has been activated in your lives. Read more here. The opportunity to work with this energy will remain especially potent until the solar eclipse on January 4th, 2011. But it can be engaged at anytime you feel ready. This influence will carry you into the first half of 2011. Work with it, and rejoice in it. It’s a significant energy of final endings and new beginnings.

    Before I speak about this, I would like to review the things that may have been part of your lives during this past year.

    Emotional Intensity in 2010

    During 2010, many of you experienced, in one way or another, certain upheavals provoked by strong emotional energies. This was especially intense approximately six months ago. Unexpected anger, conflicts, arguments, and disruptions may have marked or ended significant personal relationships.

    These events had a major impact upon your emotions. As a consequence, this may influence the way you feel about yourselves now, and the priorities that you have established for your lives. The impact has left many of you feeling disoriented, and believing that you are not moving forward with the things that matter most to you.

    This, of course, is not true.

    From a place of neutrality, you will see that these events have come and gone, and that you have moved forward after all, even if it was only one step at a time and not in great leaps.

    More than you may realize, you've been able to handle the emotional distress, walk through it, and move beyond any unpleasantness that it created in your life. Even if you’ve felt wounded by this, you've made great progress in liberating yourself from the negativity that accompanied it.

    This is important to examine right now, because at the close of this year and at the beginning of the next, you’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge yourselves for courageously handling these challenges and moving on.

    Preparing the Way for 2011

    As you move into 2011, it’s important to revisit the parts of your lives that still need consideration. You’re being asked to re-examine anything that required your attention in 2010, but didn’t always receive it. Look at anything that needs to be released, transformed, or regenerated. If you do, this will allow you to move forward into something better in 2011.

    Did some of your decisions in 2010 lead to incidents that left you feeling lost or betrayed? If so, then please look at them again, before moving on. Something from the past may be calling for your attention. It may be asking you to give it your final blessing and then release it, before welcoming the new year.

    Take these important steps now. Do this, so that you can take charge of your lives again; so that you can transform your circumstances to benefit you. Allow any unhelpful or outdated ways of doing things to come to an end, and make room for something new and better. Be thoughtful and considerate with yourselves, and you will see how your goals feel closer and easier to reach.

    Something else to examine is the importance of your recent accomplishments. For many of you, it was important to work within your limitations during 2010. You were asked to do this, without feeling discouraged or impatient. You learned to value the small steps in your progress, and not just the great strides that inspired you. This may have been challenging, and some of you felt that your experiences didn’t measure up to your expectations. But nonetheless, you’ve gained something valuable at the spiritual level, and it’s time to give yourselves credit for this. Let go of any sadness or remorse that you may feel for what you didn’t accomplish in 2010, and prepare yourselves for 2011. You are about to embark upon new adventures.

    The Energy of the Crossroad

    Right now, you’re at a crossroad. It’s an energetic place that allows you to choose again. Do you feel the potentials of change about you; the possibilities that are ready to pop into your life?

    It feels good, doesn’t it?

    If it does, then please know that many of the changes that you've been anticipating, are finally arriving. Your patience and steady progress, despite your limitations, have allowed you to establish solid foundations for all that will come.

    Please take heart, for this is so.

    You are entering a remarkable period of transformation and re-orientation of human consciousness. The coming times will demonstrate that peace and happiness are not abstract ideals. But rather, they are necessary parts of the human experience. Your dedicated attention to this will make it so.

    In order for this to happen, the collective consciousness of humanity is being raised rapidly. People from all walks of life, and every nationality, are involved in this. In the coming year, you'll begin to see the results. Peace and happiness will no longer be distant goals, but will appear more tangibly in your lives as a collective, instead.

    What Now?

    So, what requires your attention now, especially if you would like to bring greater peace and happiness into the coming year?

    One of the things that you will want to re-examine is your sense of security.

    It’s important to realize that you've come to a place of wisdom and maturity in your lives. You’re not novices anymore. You've learned to accept your limitations gracefully and to meet your difficulties with tolerance and forebearance. These are important life skills because they have helped you feel more secure in the world. They are particularly useful, when circumstances are not working in your favor. They can help you move from experiences of distress to feelings of calm, even in the midst of your troubles. As you’ve mastered these skills, you’ve freed your minds and emotions for greater happiness to enter.

    As you move through the coming year, don't fall into mind games. Resist the temptation to believe that things are too hard for you to handle. Instead, bring the clarity of your illumined minds into your activities and remember to re-balance and regenerate your emotions with appropriate rest and recreation.

    Have confidence in yourselves, when you feel drawn toward self-depreciation and remember to stand firmly in your dignity at all times. Don’t hide yourselves away. It’s no longer a time for hiding. You will need to stand firmly on what's important to you in the times to come.

    2011 will give you plenty of opportunities to reap the benefits of your patience and perseverance in 2010. Magnificent currents of potential are rising before you now, allowing you to ride them freely, and reminding you that you have the power to create and manifest all of your Soul-aligned desires, according to the marvelous synchronicity of Divine timing. Please know that you will be guided in understanding this throughout the next year, as we are always close to you.

    I AM Saint-Germain.

    From: Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

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    Crossroad Energy: The December Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Message

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