The Prince of Cups help please

  • Hello Tarot followers

    please help I keep getting The Prince of Cups in my readings I have very mixed interpretations on what this means to me

    i am single and have steered clear of love for some time having had my heart badly broken. I have met someone I am very attracted to and I am convinced from what my tarot reader says this is him.... she certainly described him perfectly and i didnt give her a single clue....I think he could be the one i have been waiting for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    BUT mixed interpretations some say good person sensitive artistic caring would commit etc some say volatile but with calm exterior secretive a user who users people to gain for his own needs selfish manipulative etc

    HELP which is it? Would appreciate any advice?

    He is young only in his twenties... some card suits do not recognise The Prince of Cups in which case you have to replace with The King of Cups but he is older and more experienced and more mature........ I am a novice tarot learner so need help to interpret what the reoccurrence of his card could mean to me as I get it a lot but always in the upright position

    This person i like definitely has been hurt and is defensive and hard to get to know just really cant lose faith in Tarot as it has never ever let me down before...... what do you think all thoughts and advice would be greatly received

  • Sometimes we tarot lovers read to much into our readings, the reason that you keep getting the price of cups is because that card represents him. You need to examine the other cards you pull when you ask tarot about this relationship. The other cards are the key to what is going on. So stop focusing on the Prince of Cups, which is clearly just an indication of this man in your life, and ask the tarot cards what is going on with the prince of cups, and then you will find your answer.

  • Thank you yes I do understand that it has to be read in conjunction with the other cards. I also had the three of coins the ace of cups and also as a final outcome card The Star. I did have the three of swords but that is apparently a currently obstacle which will be overcome.

    As I know it is him I just wanted to get to the bottom of whether he is a good person or a manipulative person. I dont know him well enough yet to tell although I have met him through work. He has a calm and secretive nature and I have suspicions that he could be quite volatile and a bit of a user.

    He has distanced himself from me but my Tarot reader says he is confused and has been badly hurt but he will return if I give him space. i couldnt work out whether he keeps appearing because he is in my own thoughts ot whether It is because he will actually be a part of my future. According to her it will happen for sure. I guess i just dont believe it will but no doubt in time all will become apparent!

    I guess only time will tell and no doubt I will soon find out for myself. Thankyou for your answer I do appreciate it.

  • Ok without knowing the other cards - I would see the star as a child betweein the two of you in the far future - especially seeing the three of coins in this spread as well. the Ace of Cups shows a new relationship, new love, etc - so I would really stop stressing over what is going on with this person. Again - without knowing the entire spread you reader pulled for you - those three cards have very promising meanings for you and your man.......

  • Oh and I forgot to mention - depending on what you asked and where it was placed - the three of swords (a broken heart), while it is never a good card in a relationship spread - it can mean that you, or the peron you inquired about has a broken heart - but depending on the other surrounding cards, it may mean that he is holding onto that heartbreak to justify his actions.

    PLEASE tell me this man is something other than a Cancer????........

  • The Prince of Cups can mean a number of things. As the other posters have mentioned it really is dependent upon the type of spread you are using, the position the card appears in, and also it's relation to the other cards around it. However, given that it is appearing a lot in a number of readings I would say it does represent the man that is new to your heart. ie. This guy you like. Once again though, you would have to associate it with the other cards to determine what the 'message' is. The card by itself represents learning about emotion, or growing emotions. It can also signify a message of love, or a new love interest. Position is important in interpretation though.

    Combine it with Three of Coins, Ace of Cups, and the Star suggests positive parings. Three of Coins could suggest moving towards what you want in your world, Ace of Cups suggests the beginning or blosomming of a new love, the Start is a very positive card, and suggests good things in the future, and often has a divine or spiritual connection to it as well.

    Three of Swords is not generally good though. I does represent betrayal, and or a broken heart. However, if it were in the Situation Position that would suggest you have a broken heart, Challenges position would suggest that you need to try and mend or overcome a broken heart, or perhaps a challenge to overcome the fear of a broken heart. Near Future would suggest that this person will break your heart, etc. See how position affects the meaning?

  • Hey thank you so much for your lovely reply? You know what it gave me hope. You are exactly right my Tarot lady said this man has had his heart badly broken and he is scared to commit he needs time to think it through and that he does miss me. I helped him at work and we were very close then suddenly I had to move onto a new project and the contact was not as necessary any more. She said the same as you I have to let him go and he will come back. I havent contacted him for just over 4 weeks last week I had to contact his close friend for a work reason and said say hi for me and he said this person said say hi back I hope she is ok etc. Not much to go on I know but still.....

    i am playing a waiting game it is hard but I have to do it. They say if you let someone go and they come back to me you have them forever......

    You are very perceptive and I thanku for your kind words which have inspired me.

    i did say to my Tarot reader is this all one sided have I made an error of judgement (he is a fair bit younger than me) she said no he is definitely interested and he does think about you but he sees you as a srtong confident woman and he is afraid he cannot live up to your expectations.

    He is not as confident in realtionships/life etc. But we do have a definite connection.

    he is a Sag by the way I am a Taurus. Thank u again for your time and trouble. I love this site you can reach out to a perfect stranger and they will come back and help its amazin!


  • PS my previous reply was meant both for DREAMERNORTH and for PAULAJ/I

    thanku to both of you


  • Dreamer North

    yes I do see re the positions.... The broken heart is his apparently altho it could apply to me from the past as well.

    When we talked about it before I said to him we all get our hearts broken but if we never open up our hearts to new love we would never meet anyone else....

    I think he has prob not had anywhere near as many realtionships as me as I am bit older than him. Well time will tell it is hard for a Taurean to let go but I am proud of myself for leaving it be despite the fact I really want to be with him. have started writing and exploring my other interests as I do have many so if he comes back to me brilliant if not it wasnt meant to be... thankyou u again for your time in trying to help me it is very much appreciated

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