Too many worries will 2011 be better

  • Its been a bad few years only a couple things have been a light in my life since my family passed and I tried to take over the family property.

    I even found that this house is affecting my lungs adding to the health issues I already have.

    My son is autistic and I worry for him when Im gone

    What will 2011 bring me and will my son and I see better days?

    Thank you for your time....

    Happy Holidays

  • God Bless you, someone will help you! Keep your chin up! I'm not Psychic but I believe next year will be fantastic! 🙂

  • Dear allergik,

    The house I feel right away needs a new furnace system. The dust is coming from the furnace vents , The house is yours for now but I strongly feel that you may consider saleing it or renting it out with option to buy. You will than move to an apartment condo situation which I hear the word green in the name of the community. Orange will be a color that will be inside the walls of the building you move into. The orange could be in a painting also hanging on the wall is what spirit is giving me.

    A woman will help you in this move and transition I hear an H in her name.

    You and your son both will fair well in the new year I hear that you will flourish in most every area of your life. You are a very good mother and now you will consider more help with your son. I sense that he needs to be more actitvated in learning and needs more people around him for their energy and input. There is a teacher that will stand out from the rest and help him to learn to speak in a better way or hand sign is what I get. You are not a bad mother if you seek time out for yourself and that is what spirit wants you to do in 2011. Stop being last and meet yourself in the middle and have some enjoyment.

    You will have some money coming to you also , may be from renting the house out or a tax refund that will afford you to make some needed changes for yourself and even spend some on yourself. New clothes or furniture.

    I feel a dog here if you do not already have this dog it is a medium size dog with med length layerd hair and a male dog. He is a wonderful pet to have and will train easy and what love he has to give your son. The dog comes in as black and gray or a mix of blk, gray, white.

    Spirit wants me to tell you that a Ruth or Ruby is watching over you both, and will help you to find the much easier pathway to wall in 2011.

    Happy New Year


  • Bless you Shuabby!

  • thank you for the reading...I dont know a ruth ,r uby or a woman with h in her name...but I will trust that what you say is going to happen for the better....

    Wishing everyone a christmas with family around to love

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