Is there such thing as a sibling compatibility reading?

  • My birth date is July 14th 1993

    His is July 9th, 1991

    Can anyone tell what this siblings relationship will be like just by doing a reading on the birthdays?

    (I know the reading isnt going to tell weather me & my brother get along or not. My brother is just about my best friend! I'm just seeing what the reading will have to say LoL.)

  • This can be a surprisingly powerful combination, devoted to seeking success in the world. Cancers in general tend to be intimate and personal in character, but this relationship brings out your more worldly, hard-driving and ambitious sides as well. Even when your goals are unusual in some way, you two will provide each other with a great deal of emotional and moral support in your individual efforts, exhibiting suprisingly little jealousy or competitiveness. You can also show incredible determination in getting what you want. Once your individual differences have been settled and a common course agreed on, you two can forge ahead in the world to attain your goals, whether these are lofty or intensely practical.

    Family matchups here usually display a strong interest in and talent for the organizational and structural elements of the family unit - you two are reliable and responsible, and can be counted on to hold your own in contributing to special events, whether with logistical planning or, say, the preparation of food, and are especially capable in handling financial matters.

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