• found them today! thank you I needed those uplifting fairies today....just found everybill I paid including my car insurance has bounced , no money to get my wrecked car out of shop and no money to pay the gas and lights, no food and christmas for my son. even managed to have huge fight with my guy and lost the only set of glasses I could barley see out of...I have glaucoma and its tuff to see with the glasses any how lol! so it doesnt matter much that they are gone .

    Its gonna be the worst one yet if it keeps up like this....but I got fairies and since its just me and my son....I can cry all I want and sit here in the cold having a christmas with meaning.

    That we have nothing but each other and thats all that matters.

    I suspect the net will be off soon too.

    So to all you wondefull people that I was just getting to know here....I send you love and peace and much of whatever you need to fill your hearts this season!

    Bless you all and have a wonderful amazing new year from allergik and her son Luc joy and happiness and be so ever thankful for all your family...they could be gone someday soon and you will realy want and need them times like now. ! ♥

    wishing you all the best from my heart

  • I can't fnd it??? Any other clues would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • allergik

    My prayers are to you and your son at this very difficult time... I know when I have had similar moments in my life, I had to tell myself that it is just something trying to test my faith. I believe it is the same for you. Please believe there is something better and bigger for you around the corner as long as you keep your faith strong and your head up and your heart open to better times. It may not seem like it is a doable task but keep your feet moving and take one issue at a time and it will get better. Lots of Love and Light being sent your way.

  • LOL!!! Thanks Flowsco! I had to think about today's clue but--FOUND THEM! Thank you! Will check back for clues tomorrow 😉 - Mari

  • red 35 ...thank you for that ...even if it was to just keep me going and may never get better....just know that someone was listening helps so ... Thank you kind friend ...and merry christmas to you and everyone you love and may not know.....

    i think i could and should lay down and just sleep till its all over and try again new next year...maybe

    If I and the hope are still here bye all

  • Allergik, I am praying for you! I hope things turn around for you immediately. Keep your faith, keep praying and talk positive about your situations. God will see you through. Do you have someone that can help with Christmas for your son and utilities? I am always the last one to ask anyone for help but one of my family members is also struggling and her mother-in-law bought their son's Christmas for her. She is usually to proud to ask to but she did and is glad she did. Please reach out and ask for help for your son. It will get better. Good luck and I will keep praying for you. I hope your holidays bring you much love and abundance!

  • Allergik, Just read your other post. Please stay positive, you and your son both need this. You "have to know" it's going to get better, don't settle for less than that. Your son needs you so stay strong and try not to give in to depression. It's a very hard thing to snap out of if it ever gets you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You cannot be defeated. Tell yourself this repeatedly instead of saying it may never get better. Keep that door closed to prevent the negative thinking. I have pulled through some things I never thought possible and I'm sure if you look back, you can remember times where you did also. You can do it again. You can ask God for his help and thank Him when he does. Expect your miracles and watch for your angels. Merry Christmas!!!

  • I had a hard time finding them today too.

    I was just going to go back and look at the page to see if I could add anything to the clue,

    and now I can't find them again! LOL

    Hopefully, someone will add something.

  • Allergik,

    So sorry you are going thru this.

    Things will get better, just breathe and know that regardless of how it feels,

    you are not alone in this.

  • another hint please??

  • I found them this morning but had a heck of a time finding my way back.

    So, maybe if I try to tweak the clue:


    • Live and let everyone do the same. The PAST is the past.

    Embrace the knowlegde that lies within for the new beginnings that's ABOVE of you.*

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you for the hint. I knew I had to find the Past Lives report but isn't that always the challege? Especially since it had been moved and was not as easy to find. I almost gave up,. I am glad i continued to search. Happy Holidays to all!

  • Allergik many cyberhugs to you and your son and wishes for things to get xxxbetter too

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be )O(

  • @ Allergik - I truly wish that some season miracle appears at your door and get you and your son out of this current situation. Don't give up and continue to search for longterm solutions.

    @ Chrissicat - Just saw that your here in Europe aswell. I hope you find the fairies today.

    @ rynna - lol...thanks!

  • Morning everyone, day three so here is clue number 3:

    • Fairies shows us all how close their friendship is by sticking together.

    Time to time we all try to measure the ones we have in our own lives. Do you think the compability of our signs helps?*

    Happy hunting!!!

  • ugh..typo compatibility.

    Well this is one of the most broad hints I ever wrote. I hope it gives you a easy search.

  • Thank you Flowsco!

    peace and blessings to everyone!

  • Thank you and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • thanks again for the're right, today's was easy 🙂

    as for yesterday's, i used some of my KC stash on that report- it was ok, but a little disappointing

    i have saturn/nept conjuct in my first house, have always felt the opposing pulls of both energies, but the report focused only on saturn rising...

  • Thank YOU, Flowsco!

    I am never able to find them on my own.

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