For The Captain.... Do answer :)

  • The Captain... Hi... I have also asked you to read my vibes on another thread.... However, I was actually looking for a thread where i could ask you about whats really been bothering me... My boyfriend and I, we broke up more than 6 months ago due to religious and regional differences. However, we find it hard to move on still... We feel like we are soulmates though he says it does not seem like I am 'the one' as we have so many difficulties ahead of us and differences that we cant overcome... What I would really like to know from you is if there is any hope in this relationship? I am still holding on and so is he to some extent...but do we really have a future? Should we just let go? I dont even know if he still feels for me! He says he will try asking his family once so that we dont feel that we didnt try enough...but I am not sure if he really will because I know that he has almost let go... I am on the verge of giving up on love... do help ... thank you


  • I'm sorry but I feel your ex has gotten cold feet about getting involved with you. He has been swayed by his family into thinking you are not suitable and I don't see him changing his mind as long as his family is around him. I see no future for the two of you so you need to move on.

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