Reading of my love life & life in general?

  • My DOB is February 23,1997.

    Thanks. 😄

  • Hi

    I wish to help you but ill repeat what i told some other member. You need to leave more information for us to start on. Some readers only need dob but many need more like a name a photo etc. Its just too meager a line for what u have set ur hopes up for. It kinda makes readers pass u over. However u gacve me an idea and i wanna thank u for it.


  • Okay.

    You're welcome?

  • Likewise sweetie, i know it wasnet much but with nothing nothing can be seen. sorry

  • Well some only need the birthdate. If anyone needed more, they could just ask. But thank you anyway for that suggestion. But if you want to do my reading my name is Sierra Reese. Do you want my birthtime?

  • I´d rather see a photo of u sweetie lol and a city country u live in? then sure ill see what i get. As for just ask, often we aint sure we should ask. Is why ive made a debate to help both readers and requestees.


  • I'm sorry but I won't put my photo out there. I don't know you're intentions and I'm not willing to take the risk. Not offend you in anyway but I think you can't give me proper answers if you can't just use my birthdate and maybe my name. I would even offer my birthtime. I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way but I've been told not to just give up certain information. But if you really have good intentions, then I'm sorry for confusing you with a person who doesn't have good intentions.

  • I have only good intentions. The thing is, each reader has his her way of reading people , each his her skill, I cannot get anything from dates of birth., it has never nor will it ever tell me anything. I dont have the skill to read people from their dates of birth, im not an astrologer.

    By ur words, n i also apologize if i now offend u, tells me, no matter what reply u get u will question it n not believe it very much. I pray someone who does dates of birth will help u.

    Mayb repost n ask for HighPriestess, RcDreamer, WaterGirl, Hans, AuntBuck etc.

    good luck

  • "By ur words, n i also apologize if i now offend u, tells me, no matter what reply u get u will question it n not believe it very much." This statement is completely false.

    This thread is 5 days old.

    I've already have gotten help.

  • Good for u my dear, i hope that reader reached ur standards as i in ur book didnt. Ah well win some loose some.

    May u find what u seek my dear.

    Bye bye dear


  • Okay.

    Sorry for insulting you. Well I didn't try to but it came across that way.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Shit happens sweetie. No insult taken full faced. We all foul up. Its human conditioning.

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