Pisces/ Taurus soulmates? 13 year old?

  • I’m a Pisces with a Moon in Virgo. I truly feel like I have found my soul mate. He is a Taurus and his Moon is in Virgo also. I don’t know how to describe this inevitable connection I feel with him. I feel like I was born to be the other half of his soul. Oh, I’m also only 13 but please don’t let my age cloud your judgment. Sometimes a soul is older and much wiser than the person that it is harboring.

    He was absolutely infatuated with me in 4th grade. He used to talk about me all the time or talk about which new book I was reading. My friend also told me that this Taurus used to conjure up intimate fantasies about me. I didn’t really pay attention to him because we were on two different teams. The one encounter I do remember is once when I passed him in the hallway and I felt this huge wave of tension from him. In 5th grade, I actually started talking to him because he was in homeroom. It was hard not to smile when he was talking to me. He used to stare at me every chance he got. I remember could just sense his presence when he was around. I felt like I loved him. My every thought had to do with him. Some days I only went to school just to see him. Even to day, I can let my eyes drift in a room full of people and instantly find him. For some reason, I am drawn to him. Now that I am in 8th grade, I still find myself liking him. He hasn’t had any interest in me though. I’ve caught him staring at me a few times or he’s been indirectly talking to me. My friend, who is a Capricorn, told the Taurus to stop liking me because I’m not worth it in 5th grade. But not the Capricorn is one of my good friends.

    Should I give up on this Taurus or continue to seek his affection? I have problems with actually flirting or talking to guys I like. Keep in mind that I’m a Pisces. I feel like I was born to help this Taurus find some deeper meaning in life or that he needs me for something. I've never felt the need to help someone as much I do. What should I do? Can you relate?

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • Thanks. My DOB is February 23, 1997. His is May 17, 1997.

  • You two do share a spiritual connection but emotionally and physically you are quite different.. There is a tendency here for you to compete to outshine each other and get other people's attention. You both will have to work hard to learn to share the spotlight. You are usually pretty understanding of each other, although there may not be much empathy or sympathy between you. Your friend can be selfish without even being aware of it, while you tend to be more giving, even self-sacrificing, and must be careful not to be taken advantage of by him. Furthermore, you also sometimes only give conditionally, holding onto resentment that you may unleash with fury on your friend if he goes too far. You two get on well enough during the good times, but possessiveness or hard feelings can emerge after a falling-out. As friends, you two can be impressive and forward-looking in your ideas, but may ignore the responsibilities of everyday life.

  • Thank you. 😄

  • Can I ask the same thing? I feel as though I'm in a similar situation.

    My birthdate's 16 March 1987 and the other person's 12 May 1988.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sorry ReeseyReese for hijacking your thread. I can't find a delete button. I'll open a new thread to ask TheCaptain the same question.

  • It's okay.

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