Where am I heading, I have a severe brain damage son & a boyfriend of 13yrs

  • Hello Everybody,

    Can anyone give me insight on my situation....I was born 6/20/1969 9:51p....... my son David born 12/5/90 at 3:51p has been severely anoxic brain damage since 4/7/08 and my boyfriend Leroy ( born 9/27/53 )but his nickname is Mac which is what I call him, we have been together for 13yrs....What lies ahead for me or us?

    Thank u,


  • Hello Misstonya,

    I feel that in your relationship with Mac you feel married and secure but at times you feel very overwhelmed by having to care for David. Do you have a caregiver to come in a relive you with David care so that you and Mac can go out dancing or dinner or with friends? As I feel in the new year that you need to have more enjoyment in your life along with Mac, as things feel so heavy in your household and life.

    Is Mac trying to find a better job because I feel more money coming in next year. Mac works with his hands and can do handiman jobs also. David is special and needs to have that loving touch that he feels from you and someone like a grandmother that has passed over watches over him and she sends her love to you also. You will be rewarded for your care and love that you not only give to him but others around in. God will shower you with rewards in his way in 2011.

    Happy New Year It Will Be


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Wow!!....You are on point...Mac does work with his hands, he's longshoreman....and David is away at a Medical Group Home for young adults, that has similar illnesses as him though....its good to know that his or my grandma is watching over him...I always felt that he was watched over....as far as Mac & me our relationship been through alot mentally and verbal abuse...I feel deep inside its time to let go after 13 years and he have know plans to marry...I feel like he wasting my time...Im 41 and he's 57 ...yes he's 57...but very very very stubborn...

    Thank u shuabby for your insight if you have anything else to share...please do ...Im really at a fork in the road...my deepest thoughts say to leave..but sometimes I see a glimmer of hope, but I cant get pass our past hurts...



  • Dear misstonya,

    Mac feels like he has control in this arrangment and he wants to keep it that way. Your intutition is telling you to leave and your mind is saying How can I? You are still young and I want you to start praying and ask God to find you a way to leave Mac, believe me it will happen when you ask the Master for help. I feel that you will want and need more freedom in 2011 and it will be brought to you. I hope that you have some close friends that you can talk to.

    Get some positive people in your life and when Mac starts to talk in an abusesive way I want you to imagine that you are surrounded by mirrors and also imagine a purple light around his mouth.

    You will move on in 2011 as I feel your freedom is around the corner for you and David. You have learned a lot in this relationship mostly what you will want in the next man as there will be one. I hear the name Richard here and also a John. Look for these men to help you in the future.

    God Bless


  • Shuabby,

    Thank u for your indepth insight....Im excited about the new year coming and happier lately for some odd reason...I just feel a little bit energetic and happy inside...its really a good feeling.Maybe because its Christmas time too...but I feel a good energy surrounding me...

    Thank you


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  • Hi Tarotf,

    Can you give me insight of the visual tarot please ?

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