• Well, I am conflicted! It's been since 4/2010 since I have seen my Mother in Law. Which was at my husbands funeral, I miss her & so do our kid's! I was hoping to take a trip to Delaware while the kid's are on there Christmas vacation. Right now it seem's like I'm going to have to take my car, & rely off my brother to help! I am worried that my car might not make it! We have so many friends & family to see when & if we do make it! We really need & could use this vacation, & I know it will make my mother in law happy as well as my kids. I have a male friend "justin" 8/5/79 who say's he really likes me & wants to see me as well, I just don't know if he is playing games or what? As right now I would really like some insight on weather this trip is going to be possible? I would love any & all insight if possible!! Many Blessings


  • DE, Justin was primarily after a sexual relationship as he has a need to prove he is desirable. But this relationship can help you both with the complex area of feelings, which you both tend to ignore or neglect out of a discomfort with emotions. You will be amazed at the depth of feeling he can arouse in you but you may not always feel adequate to handle it. The relationship can take on a very sexually passionate and magnetic nature. In grappling with the issues of strong feeling here, you can both progress immeasureably in your personal development. You can make your differences work and gain much understanding through the depth and complexity of the relationship's emotions. Even if this doesn't last for very long, it's worth it so you DE can work through your fear of being controlled by another person and your feeling that it might be better to be alone than to deal with the responsibilities of a love relationship.

  • I am feeling a possible delay with the trip but, if you push hard enough for it, it will happen.

  • I must say that there was a reason he has came into my life & I am hoping to take the lesson's & progress so that I may better understand and deal with my emotions. Do you see the trip happening after Christmas & before January?

    Thank You


  • I feel you definitely shouldn't travel when there is a lot of traffic or holidaymakers on the road as the possiblity of an accident is high. I am getting that there is a strong reason for you not to go as per the plan.

  • Devine - I don't know where you are traveling from but I live in DE so I send you one caution. They are predicting snow for Christmas day and the day after. This is not a psychically sent message just one Delawarean looking out for someone else, the state and people here don't handle the weather well so if you should choose to travel to Delaware I'd be very cautious if you choose one of those days. My suspicion is the roadways will not be well cared for and as Captain has indicated accidents might be likely.

  • Thank You!!!!!!!! I just decided on not going! As I know all too well how the winter weather in Delaware get's, I lived there most of my life! Hope all is well in the new year!!

    Many Blessings


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