In need of a reading please....

  • Hi,

    I would love to know what the new year has in store for me with regards to my love life.

    Would I at last be able to put the past behind me and find someone that I can share a great relationship with?

    My DOB 4 May 1962.

    Thanks in advance

    Love and light.

  • Hi Sweetdee47,

    I sense that you will have a year of learning not just in the love area, but also in the book and people sense of the word. Is there something that you have been wanting to explore and gain knowledge of? This new year is the year you will find yourself at the library or in classes to learn what you feel you need in your life at this time.

    You will meet a few new friends this new year also, I hear a Gladis and Amy and Charline here that will bring some joy and laughter to you.

    In the love department I sense that you need to change your image a bit to attrack your potential life partner to you. Change your style of dressing , spice it up a bit with color and more alluring styles will see results is what I'm getting. Go get a make-over and you will have more confidence needed to get out there and buzz around and gather more than one admirer. I sense a man around 45 yrs old and he has dark hair and blue eyes and is tall and he is connected to water in some way. You will really feel a spark of good energy with him and where will you meet him? He will be introduced to you by a friend and your heart will beat a bit faster just looking at him. So be sure your love brake pads are in order, you'll need to remind yourself to take it slow with him.

    Happy New Year


  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you!! The man reminds me of my ex, blue eyes, dark hair and related to water... Cancer!!!

    Hopefully not this time... had enough of those species to last me a lifetime.

    I am in no rush to meet anybody really. More than happy with my own company, although sometimes it would be nice to have someone to share good times with.

    I guess what will be will be.

    Happy new year.


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