Heartache issues, please give me a reading

  • I'm afraid i've fallen for this guy and right now we had to go separate ways.. he moved to a different country due to unforeseen circumstances. When we were still together, it couldnt have been any more perfect. He told me first that he loved me. Now since he's gone, i terribly miss him every day. We talk less and less.. and he tells me that i should move on. I find it a drastic change to what he used to be/act before.

    I want to know if whether he had just lead me on or was he really sincere in this relationship. If we've got a chance to meet again and pick things we've left them. If he's sincere, i'd do everything possible from my side to make it happen again. . else I'll try to move on. I just need some insight to be able to move on or hang on to it please. My dob is 3/10/87 and his is 7/5/83. I'm born in the timezone of +4 GMT and him in +5.30 GMT.

  • NeptunianDreams,

    I want to know if whether he had just lead me on or was he really sincere in this relationship: neither nor.

    If we've got a chance to meet again and pick things we've left them: yes.

    I just need some insight to be able to move on or hang on to it please: too many people are locked up to you.

    his is 7/5/83 in +5.30 GMT: he is protected on all sides by Jupiter's blessings. This speaks of material opulence. With so many blessings, you might expect him to be a generous soul, but that is not always the case. Often he simply directs these blessings to the acquisition of more money and sometimes even becomes ruthless in this regard. On the other side, however, he devotes his talent and resources to helping the world. In this way he uses his natural intuition and fulfills a desire for devotion and service. With his creativity and intelligence, he is always successful in whatever he undertakes. Usually this power is directed towards business and gain. Probably he inherits or marries into wealth. If he develops his spiritual awareness, his later years will be filled with expansion of his mind and soul instead of doubt and indecision.

    Man has accepted challenges from the moon, from

    Everest, from Mars... and man goes on and on without

    knowing himself.

  • Hello hanswolfgang 🙂

    Thanks for replying 🙂 and you're very right about him, he's a creative artsy person and yeah he did tell me that his priority for the moment is financial security. I'd like to know what you mean by too many people are locked up to me..

  • NeptunianDreams,

    what do you mean by too many people are locked up to me: your hopes are destroying you.

    Try to give you this freedom,

    freedom from -- from the past traumas, childhood


    You have to go backwards to free yourself from the


    then you will be free. So this freedom means

    that the past has to be dropped. You have to fight with

    it, you have to somehow manage to disentangle yourself

    from the past; then you will be free

  • Thank you Sir,

    This is has been helpful to me 🙂

    Love and Light to you 🙂 & Merry Christmas 🙂

  • NeptunianDreams,

    this is the moment when love is needed. In these

    moments, a man who has a love for you can be

    tremendously helpful. Just the presence of a

    loving man, a loving atmosphere....

    Love with Light as Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Well i thought i had found it.. but i guess i'll just leave it to time now.. let's see what unfolds for me 🙂

  • NeptunianDreams,

    as you proceed, so the path

    unfolds before you; and once the door opens, no matter

    how little, there is so much left to be done by

    yourself. That lithe opening then, keeps calling you; it attracts you so that you cannot help but

    be drawn towards it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I recently learnt that he's back with his ex gf.. and maybe that's the reason that he's avoiding me. I wish he had the courage to tell it to me straightly. I've ended all contact with him but I wished him well.. Now i kinda feel ready to open my fist and let everything dissolve and look to the future 🙂 Maybe we won't have a chance to pick things up after all.. but i like to think that everything happens for the best. I kinda want to invest my energies into learning tarot. You think i might be successful at it?

  • NeptunianDreams,

    You think i might be successful at it? No, not yet.

    But I have to go deep into your question. It has many

    layers you may not be aware of. You say, "You think i might be successful at it?"

    On what grounds do you

    say i might be successful? Have you seen anything in life as a

    success? Life is a flux, nothing is certain.

    Everything goes on moving in new directions,

    unpredictable; you don't know what is going to happen


    Talking of success is absurd.

  • Oh yeah i do agree that life is a dynamic process. I was talking about success for tapping into my own energies to learn tarot and to able to read it.

  • NeptunianDreams,

    you have to learn in different ways, from different sides of life, to be lost. Those are the moments when you are no more, but just a pure silence, an abyss, a sky, a silent lake without any ripples on it. You have become one with it. And all that is needed is – don’t be just a passer-by, don’t be a tourist, don’t be in a hurry. Sit down and relax. Gaze into the silence, into the depth, and allow that depth to enter into your eyes, so that it can reach to your very being.

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