Tarot and Angel card advice please....

  • Hi,

    Can someone advise me about Angel cards. What do they do and how are they different to tarot cards?

    Also, from what l have read tarot is more of a short term look/advice, is that correct? How far can you actually see from them?

    Thank you!

    R xxx

  • I know nothing about angel cards, but as far as tarot~ It depends on the spreads you use as to how far you may be looking. In the same way you can ask the card about specific time frames. Some individual cards also indicate specific time frames.

    You must first understand however, Tarot is not ' looking into the future'.

    Tarot tells us about the situation,

    where we are in it,

    how we are effecting it,

    and where it will end up if we keep moving in that direction.

    It's to guide you in the way of your own choices, and give you insight into the outcomes of those possible choices, and the choices you've already made. Your skill as a reader will determine how much you take from what they tell you. 🐵

  • Rosie121,

    I think the Angel Cards are just another tarot deck, They basically have the same meanings as the other decks. I looked it up under fun&games at the top. Browse tarot decks.. You can check it out for yourself..Hopefully I was right..I don't want to give you wrong advice..

  • I agree with darya, All the tarot decks carry the same meaning, the Rider-Waite meaning, just different pictures. I did however check a book out of my local library called, The Modern Women's Guide to Tarot. The author followed the basic Rider-Waite interpretations, with a twist helping us incoporate into our every day lives. I loved that book and plan on buying it to keep for my own reference.

  • I"ve heard of Angel cards but don't really know much about them. I think they are different than the tarot, but I don't know how. I have a friend whom I believe has a book on Angel cards. When I see her, I'll ask her to see what she knows.

  • Rosie121

    Hi, I googled angel cards and they are a form of tarot but they are different. I clicked on ::consciousone:: and it was Doreen Virtue, Ph. D. {she has good books} anyway it tells what the cards you choose mean and it's suppose to be a message from your angels to you. I found it to be very interesting. I totally understood what they were telling me. I think it explained it pretty awesome. Good luck hope that helps...

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