Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 2010

  • Center of Truth

    The energies of change are moving so quickly, causing shifts in feeling-tones within us. Have you been paying attention to your first feelings when waking up in the morning? Earlier in the month I was aware of awakening and feeling like I was floating in a sea of love. Feeling nurturing, loving energy around me and basking in the feeling that all is well. In these moments I have been aware of the old, dense energy of fear roiling below me. I’ve seen myself floating above this energy field that I have lived within – in and out of – for so long. It’s like, living in the density had become so familiar, something I was accustomed to. But now I am seeing the fruit of my labors of clearing and releasing, by observing myself as removed from the density. I know I am sharing this experience with all of my brothers and sisters of the human family. We have been going through the process of clearing the magnetic energy that draws this dense feeling of fear to us. This has been held in the vibrational field of humans for thousands of years – it has grown over the centuries as we have taken on false beliefs through oppression of our truth. And fear is at the core of all the false beliefs, lies and oppression that we have endured.


    We have been undergoing initiations in our personal lives for the last many years that have carried us through portalways of higher consciousness. This is the evolutionary process that we are living through. We signed on for this and we are told by the non-physical beings who communicate with many people who share their words, how brave and courageous we are to undergo this purging – this clearing of old false beliefs and energies – and that we are doing it not only for ourselves but for our ancestors.

    Now, as I write this, I’m feeling strange, uncomfortable, a little…weird, and I think, “Uh-oh, here we go again.” Another wave is bombarding us with the high vibrational energy. Why doesn’t it feel good if it’s so highly vibrating? We all know why… sigh… it brings up the lower stuff that needs to be cleared. However, now when I feel myself floating in old, painful, uncomfortable energy, I can shift myself out of it more quickly. I find I am fiercely refusing to “bask” in the feelings of fear, saying NO to this energy, knowing that there is a field of love that is just as available as that old feeling of fear.

    The Elixir of Love

    I see us moving together – linking arms, radiating light from within, moving forward one step at a time, like moving through thickness in the dark, not knowing where we are going, not able to see very far ahead, but knowing that we are moving forward, onward and upward and we have solidarity with each other – we are not alone – there are so many of us and our energies together are very powerful. I am certain that when I’m feeling something, there are others out there who are feeling the same thing, even if I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but just a wobbliness or strangeness.

    It can happen, when the density rises, that our light becomes dim and we begin to feel alone and frightened and maybe then we let go of the link we have to our companions, and then we do, truly feel alone. But if we call out to Spirit, and ask the golden liquid light of love and wisdom to come to us, it will – filling us with its radiance – for it is that radiance that lights our way in the darkness. It’s like an elixir that provides strength to us, nourishing our souls, nurturing our hearts and flowing through the web of light that connects us all to one another. We are joined in love and we need to remember this. We are not alone and there is so much strength and power that we share with one another through the web – the Inner Net of light – that connects all of humanity as we rise together out of the muck and the mire of the past, into the Light and Truth of our beings – each one of us as our own unique Soul vibration, sharing our world, creating a beautiful tapestry of the story of humanity rising into the vibration of Love and sending reverberations of this love out to the Universe.

    This is what we signed on for, this is what we are doing here as we move through the dark, so let us reach out our hands and hold on and know that we are not alone, even if we cannot see one another while we endure the strength and power of the waves that roll through our consciousness and through our energy fields. Holding on, we help each other stay the course as another wave rolls through.

    When I feel that weird or disoriented feeling – the churning of the energies of change – at these times I find it really helpful to do something creative or reach out to a friend, either tuning in to my inner posse of friends and helpers or my outer posse. When we connect with one another, it can help us to ground and to know that everything is ok.

    It is with so much love that I send the energy of these words out through the Inner Net – via the Internet. I want to thank all of you for your love and support during this year of 2010 and wish us all inner strength and fierce determination to see the truth and embody the vibration of love as we move forward into the year 2011.


    Vastness of Being

    There is a spreading light radiating from the center of truth. The heart of the true God… the All That Is. We speak of this as energy… the energy of love. This energy is innocence and pure light. This is the energy of Divinity… of Creator Source. This is Life Force Energy… Love Force Energy. This energy flows through all of creation. This energy flows indifferent of the expression that is created from it. This energy flows through those who appear to do “good” and those who appear to do “evil.” This energy flows through each and every one of you and through us, the collective consciousness of the Vastness of Being.

    This is what “God” is. This is the potential of greatness and the power of love within each human being. We have been saying to you in many ways, to rise up off your knees, for you have within you that which you pray to, that which you look to for answers, comfort, assistance and manifestation. You are the creators.

    For thousands of years humans have been manipulated by those who put up false gods and used fear to create and control what has been believed to be true. Many of the stories that were created and have become part of “history” are simply untrue, but are thought to be true because they were in place when you got here.

    Gone are the days when “heretics” were burned alive, but the scars of fear lie deep within the genetic material that all carry in their physical bodies. Fear still lives in the hearts of those who claim their god as the only true god, saying that all those who don’t follow their way will go to the dimension of “hell.” And people are still killing one another for not believing the story of god they believe. And so the righteousness with which they believe allows them to break all the so-called “Commandments” that came down from “God’ in words that burned with truth.

    So as the light of truth strips away the fog of lies in every facet of beingness, humanity has the possibility of seeing the truth in their hearts. Fear is being cleansed from the energy, and the way this is accomplished is by whatever fear is within you, for it to rise to the surface to be released. Over and over again, until it has no magnetic attraction within you.

    When you ask for help, you are opening to that love and truth within your heart and so you open a stream of light and energy that reaches out to those beings in the non physical who are there to assist with the evolutionary journey of humanity. Utilize their services! Guides, Angels, Master Teachers, elemental Earth energies, the energies of the four directions, your ancestors, a host of Light Beings are at your service to assist you courageous ones who are “in the trenches” in the physical dimensions. We are saying this so that you may know who you are… a gentle reminder of the power and grace of your being.

    You are witnessing and participating in a healing of the Ages, a rising of the Divine Feminine as the feminine and masculine energies move into organic harmony with one another. This is happening within each individual, if it is their choice, and as this harmony grows within the individuals who accept it, the energy of this harmony flows through space and time, affecting different timelines… what you perceive of as the “past” and the “future.” And you are at the center of this expanding light. We spoke of the light that is radiating from the center of truth, the center of each galaxy and indeed, each of you reading these words is also a center of truth, for you are in a hologram on earth, and so that center of truth is radiating from you as well. Live it well, dear ones!

    There is always a choice as to what one wishes to serve… the evolution of life or the devolution of life.

    For centuries, humanity has been manipulated by a devolving force, often called the force of darkness, but disguised as the force of “rightness.” There is also the force of Light which has been kept alive in the core – in the center – of humanity, and also in members of the Star Nations. This is the Light we speak of, that is radiating from the Center of your Galaxy. And other galaxies as well. This is the Light that has been awakening humanity and raising the vibration of the Earth and all who dwell in the physical. This is the light of truth that we speak of.

    So, as the Light increases, all that has been hidden is coming to the surface, it can no longer hide in the Light of Truth. This is happening in each individual’s lives. Many are going through extreme changes – for that which they have hidden from themselves is rising into the light of awareness. There is no blame or judgment here, but a deep compassion. For many have chosen to ignore their deep truth and have buried their awareness of what is not in harmony in their lives. At this time, whatever has been buried is rising to the surface, it can no longer remain hidden. So as this is happening individually, it is also happening in collective institutions, such as religion, politics and economics – all of the world systems are experiencing the exposure of the lies that have created their foundations. So as you witness the crumbling of institutions – from the microcosm to macrocosm, please look into your hearts and know that you all have the ability to create something better, something joyous from the ashes of what is crumbling away.

    All that is falling away – all of the untruth – is part of the cure.

    We come to you with devotion,

    The Vastness of Being

    BY: Nancy Leilah Ward

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