I have to wonder

  • what my ex husband thought whenever he seen me this morning? What was going thru his mind? We were mostly talking about our son. I never invited him to sit in my car this am while we talked to keep warm but I have to wonder what he would have said if I would have asked.

  • Hi, I have to ask you what you think about him at this point. I sense an uneasy feeling regarding him. Don't backtrack.

  • I'm ready to move forward but when I see him or talk to him I am overwhelmed by memories. He smiles and when I see that I remember happy things but I also have to remember what has been done. I'm a different person then what I was then and I think if we were together now things would be entirely different. I see how far we could go if we were together again. It would be hard to go forward from here if we did but I always thought we could make it thru anything. I see that light in in his eyes and I can only think what if?

    I see me progressing far in my life and I guess I just sometimes hate he will not be there to enjoy the ride. He always said I could do anything I wanted, but I never believed him, I had to find out on my own and now that I have I hate the fact that we are not going to enjoy it together. We could have had love, money & peace but....................................

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