Shaubby I was wondering

  • Shauabby,

    I was wondering if you have time to give me some insight.

    My DOB is July 10 1953

    I really appreciate if you can do this as I always learn something new or to think about.

  • Dear Zep-53

    You will in the new year want to express yourself more through writing or talking in groups of people. We all can learn so much through communications. Do you wrote as I feel a pen and paper here waiting for that to happen. Animals also come in here. Do you have a few of them around you at this time? I would suggest to youid you are alone as I feel you are, you need to be a joiner in 2011. Join book clubs and womens clubs and learn how to play chess or do something you have not done before, learn to buy on e-bay. lol

    Are you a teacher as it sure feels like you are? If not you have a lot of knowledge that you have gained through your life to write a book and set the world on fire with it.

    No sitting idel for you my dear in the new year.


  • Thank you Shaubby

    I have been in a fog.and I felt ready to find what I need to do.

    I am not sitting as I have had to go through many people since Nov,11

    My husband had a stroke.

    We just moved back to the states from Europe.

    No insurance not much help.from either side.

    and a fight all the way.

    They moved him out of state to a nursing home.I travel 60 miles a day sometimes.

    I was told rehab,but I saw him laying and drugged up.

    I have seen many things and speak up and speak up.

    The doctor told me no hope on recovery but I saw there was.

    I have a saturen return..My husband told me months ago I would be dealing with authorities and battles.

    Pluto in Cap authorities oppsite cancer the home the

    I thought at that time for what I could not know why..unless I got a job here.

    Well I have the why now..

    I am ready to get out of the fog and do whatever my journey is to do.

    Words are I see I am ready to take in better now to re look

    I do have 2 I see they are are confused as this big life change has come in our life.

    Thank you for you response ..I am not so easy to write a few words I do have a story to tell..he he

    I do think I am getting so many gifts and not in a box.

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family and I know you will receive a gift in Blessings from a sharing heart.

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