The blessed rain and sacred water

  • You know,

    I know some folks get aggravated and annoyed when it rains. It is an inconvenience for them. They dont want to get wet. Maybe the new leather shoes are being worn and they dont want them to ruin. For some it delays them from getting from one place to another and for other folks the rainy or cloudy weather depresses them.

    When you look at rain and water as something sacred then the blessed little (or big) sprinkles become something different. A gift. A baptism of sorts.

    Water is sacred. It has been held as sacred by many cultures and beliefs. It is used for rituals of purification and even protection.

    In Masaru Emotos experiments he shows that you can direct prayer, written words, or music toward water and the crystal structure of the water actually changes. You can find out more about this by reading Messages in Water. Interesting little book.

    Here is an article title "Wonders of Water" that talks about the healing benefits and different types of water available to consume:

    Our lovely earth is starving for a baptism of sorts. A baptism of love and of healing.

    So when I see the rain outside my window I think of it as a gift to humanity. The Gods, spirit, the universe quenches the thirst of our trees, fills diminishing streams back up again, hey I even get a free car wash!

    I realize there are natural disasters that happen when too much rain pours down. When the cycle of the earth is directed to do so by mother nature herself. I can clearly see where some people have been devastated by storms and natural disasters. We should direct healing prayers their way and prayers of protection.

    I am thinking. If we can direct our love and prayers to the clouds and to the water when it rains maybe we can send healing to every single spot a raindrop falls? Can you imagine if each rain drop was infused with love crystals? Everyone would be running around hugging each other and singing in the rain.

    Just a thought.

    I hope the raindrops do not get you down. A great excuse to have a cup of hot chocolate or cozy up with a warm blanket and listen to music that soothes your soul. Or see a classic movie or funny movie that makes you laugh.

    And after the rain......


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  • That's beautiful! Whenever it rains I say those are blessings coming down. 🙂

  • And now clear skies after the rain 🙂

  • Sacred rain saturing the earth again. Clouds dress the sky in shades of light grey, white, and dark grey. Light breeze carrying the light clouds to other places. To think this same moisture might have begun at another location on the lovely earth. Neat to think about. The cool air feels good. She washes us, mother earth does. She soothes us and comforts us. We need to take care of her. Lovely blessed place.

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