Need help in interpreting a reading!

  • I took a tarot reading, with one question in mind....

    Question: Specific insight into my relationship with _______.

    The reading I got is,

    Knight of Cups in the "Love & Me" Position

    Ace of Coins in the "Love Situation" Position

    Eight of Wands in the "Love Challenges" Position

    ...... i tried reading the interpretation but honestly, I really am not able to link it to the situation I am right now in. Should I take this reading as one for a positive outcome or one of negative...??? Especially the term 'Change' that keeps recurring..... does it imply 'change' in the current relationship for good or 'changing' to an altogether new relationship???

    I am completely confused. Any help is sincerely appreciated.



  • Ok- I wil give you my interpretation. But first, sorry You are not the first person I find in here doing the reading incorrectly. The way you phrased the question is NOT the way you want to ask Tarot. The Tarot question should be a lot more specific- such as what would be the outcome of this situation or what action should I take to change this situation or just a simple Yes/ No Question.

    Tarot suggests that you are pursuing this relationship strongly, perhaps too strong- i love & me; Things are moving too fast, and you need to slow down.

    The Ace of Swords- in the love situation is telling me that you will soon see a sharp, painful side of what is going on in the relationship. Think like a brutal reality check.

    And finally the 8 of wands in the challenges position is advising you set your objectives and priorities straight. That means is asking you start thinking about your life in terms of what is most important to you, and then place this relationship in that context. I think Tarot wants you to see that you may have more important things to address at this time BEFORE this relationship.

    Or it may mean that you will FIRST need to fix few issues with your life, before this relationship will succeed. You are NOT ready yet. You have more things to accomplish if you want to succeed in this relationship.

    Best luck to you


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