Shuabby Please read me!

  • In state of depression. Love Crisis! Relationship of 10 years!! and going down the drain. Please advise. thanks. 2/19/81 and his is 1/31/77

  • I am not Shuaby but I wanted to write back to you because I can see you are in a difficult situation and you do need advice.

    First of all you are still so young, you have the life ahead of you. Even this breakup may seem a horrible thing for you, it may not be so. I do believe in eternal life too, but sometimes some people in our relationships break off and betray our love and trust. In your situation this break up will open new opportunities for you, to meet an other person that will be a better fit with the NEW you. Because now you are no longer the person you were 10 years ago, and what may have worked then may not fit today. I see you achieving friendship with this man. Tarot is suggesting to keep this man as your friend ONLY, and find someone else for commitment.

    The quicker you accept the things you cannot change, and focus on those you can the happier you will be.

    Good luck to you!

  • Sorry, I meant "eternal love" not "eternal life".

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