Would anyone like a reading?

  • Hi Sweetdee,

    I started a job in mid October, having been out of the work arena for many years (age 59). At the same time corresponded with a gentleman about 250 miles away. We recently met and have been corresponding 1 or 2 times a day for 3 months. He has stated he likes me alot. He was respectful, a gentleman, liked to hold hands, gave nice hugs, nice kisser, my parrot, cat, and dog liked him. I am not a desperate woman for a man--enjoy my own company--enjoy wonderful friends--love my animals. However I would like to be in a serious, passionate relationship. I don't feel any lightening bolts or floating sensations with him and I have only felt that incredible feeling once. Would you kindly give me a reading please?

    Respectfully, MissD

  • I'm lilgege,

    You can remove me from your list.

    I'm no physic and don't need to be one to know you up and disappeared. You did not put up a cut off line. You did not let people know you had more then enough readings to do and when you caught up you would let them know.

    You simply stopped responding.

    You clam to be new to this. Before you start readings, you need to learn how to treat the people that come to you.

    This my dear is wrong.This my dear is down right rude


  • No No lilgege,

    She did it with the best intentions. Things happen to us all.

    Blmoon- Most gracious for the blessing. It comes at a good time.


  • Sweetdee

    You done an AWESOME job on your readings. The ones that say you were rude and did not finish needs to go back and see how far they posted AFTER you had made a list. You did finish that list and said you would try and do the others.

    Just wanted to let you know you done a GREAT JOB.

    Take care and Stay BLESSED

  • Hi Sweetdee,

    DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME #19 on your list.........Its been awhile and I really do need a reading please.......I know your a busy working lady and I hope all is well .....my DOB is 6/20/1969

    Be blessed,


  • Hello, i had read that you said sweet dee finished the list. Cause i was sixth on the list and i didnt yet recieve my reading. Not that im upset im just wondering if im not gotng to the right place to recieve my reading? Is there another place readings are posted. I as well as everyone else needs the reading. Allthough it is very sweet to try to do all those readings. I do appricate it..........

  • Hello, I have read this thread from beginning to end. WOW, is all I can say.

    She/he did an excellent job. I do not understand all the rant and rave of people that supposedly still waiting for their readings. If you go back to page 12, Sweetdee posted the following:

    Guys and girls, Lol.. mostly girls I believe .....

    I thank each and everyone for the opportunity to practice my skills. I thank you for your kindness in letting me see a part of your life's. It means a lot! By helping others I could also forget about my own problems and I felt needed.

    It's been a very fruitful exercise and I have learned to trust my intuition/ first impressions on every card. When doing readings for friends and family one tends to think it's because you know them so well that all fall into place. Doing this for strangers has been a real eye opener and I am more than ever motivated to continue learning....... who knows, one day I might be a professional. :))

    I get so carried away with readings that I tend to forget I need to study too. I do not know it all yet, and sometimes taking a very long time to see what should be easy. It's getting difficult to keep up with all the request as there are so many people suffering with problems, heart aches, finances, health etc. I have a full time job, but feel guilty when I see requests that I am unable to do right away. I feel bad by dropping out - be a drop-out, but I know I could be of more help with more knowledge.

    I will complete all the existing requests for readings - who knows, I might be back sooner than you know.

    May the light be with you all.



    On page 16 someone by the name witchywoman posted a list of people that were waiting for readings up to then


    Hope you dont mind but i made a list of the ones on thread for a reading. You have been awesome on the readings and keeping up with all you have had. Just wanted to help you a little.

    Stay Blessed. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Tammy

    Songofsharon Others after you announced it closed

    ReesyReese heffinc

    leikelaa AW86

    sweetoty the transformer

    dailiolite tonib3741

    shazou piscesstar

    momac foxiee l

    missdelightful charmedwitchbente

    skyeblu444 cheryl eggleton

    piscestam laura j8

    red35 van 5521

    kells629 pangga

    nena1986 pisceslover223

    mama2461 saje043

    poetic555 keekeemama37

    stylegoddess555 gypsy04

    Sweetdee did indeed completed all of this. I wonder how many of you really knows how much it takes out of any one to do a reading, let alone so many per day. What were you thinking?

    Or better what are you still thinking? She said a couple of times that she has a full time job and not much free time to do this. And yet, the requests never stopped. Do you know how time consuming it is? How emotional draining it is? Some of you just do not care about any other person except your own wishes. You are a so selfish. The readers on this site does us a favor by offering their free time, skill and talent FOR FREE. Yet, so many doesn't appreciate it and take it for granted. I have been asking myself why so many readers just stop doing readings for free, now I have my answer. It's because of people like you. For heavens sake, if you really need a reading that bad, there is plenty of places to get it. Fork out some cash and you can have it in a minute or two.

    It's totally wrong to blame a reader when he/she had enough. People needs to learn when to realize when enough is enough.

    What's even more disturbing is the fact that not even half of the people Sweetdee had done readings for had the decency to thank her. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I have been thinking to offer readings on here too, but first wanted to check how it's done by other people, and I was shocked to realize how bad it can be. Needless to say, I would rather offer my talent somewhere else.

    I do hope though that the ones that reads this ranting would hang their heads in shame and rethink before they treat another gifted reader with utter disrespect.

  • Please see the new thread.

  • Which thread sweet dee?!

  • Dear Sweetdee47:

    I am spory48 and number 37 on the list of birthdates that you needed. Mine is 05/08/1960. Thank you

  • yes i would love a reading please.

  • Thanks for offering! I would love a reading concerning my talents if any!!! April 15, 1961. Also, need advice if I should consider a business and what type? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

  • Hi Sweetdee,

    This is first time in forum. Did not see your other posts. It's fantastic that you have thus far given of yourself and I respect that this requires lots of work on your part and that you do have other commitments. With this, I graciously decline my request for a reading. I wish you Love and Light for you and to those whom you have touched!

  • Sweet Dee,

    I need to apologize. I'm sure you have no recollection of me nor did I faze you at all. However this is done more for me. I am normally not a person who reacts until I have some kind of answer. I try my best on a daily basis to not judge and except unconditionally. With you I failed miserably.

    I'm not asking for a reading because I already did and then cancelled it. I'm not asking for you to accept my apology. I simply needed to let you know I was wrong in handling this situation and have not been able to let it go. May sound silly since I don't know you, but I didn't like what I did and had to let you know.

    now I can let it go.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    As Always,


  • Hi everyone i thought i would pop in to this thread, "sweetdee" does not know me or have i asked her for a reading but i felt i needed to post this, she truly has a beautiful spirit who shares her gifts,love and light with all..so my post goes like this:)

    @lilgege, we all make mistakes, but for those of us who own them are loving people.:) just like you:)

    Namaste Red:)


    this thread has been closed...sweetdee, has made a list of her last requests on the link below...


    sweetdee is not taking any further requests as she as stated on this thread and her new thread that i have put a link to...Although its up to sweetdee with her own responses, i just felt the need to post on her thread...

    Namaste to all of you

    peace,light,love and blessings sent


  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank You SweetDee47.

    You were right on. Everyone keeps telling me to leave my husband and I think in my heart it is the right decision, it is just a hard thing for me to do and I keep putting it off. May you have all the blessings you deserve.

  • Hi SweetDee, I would like to have a reading regarding the relationship with the person currently I'm having a crush on. Could you provide me more insight into the situation? thanks you, your help is very much appreciated x )

  • I love to have a reading from you feb.16,1975 kissess

  • I like to have a reading too please 🙂 nov.21.1993

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