Would anyone like a reading?

  • may i have a reading 7 1 59 thank you

  • thank you for your offer!!! Here is my birthdate November 16, 1965 1102am

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  • hello, my name is dawn, 12/17/1961 i have a bad luck streak, ive been told the is a dark shadow attacking my money, and interfearing in my luck of money, when is this guy going to find the light? please help me. and will this guy come home and spend the rest of his life with me?

  • Darling you have no idea how much I need a reading. I neeed to know what my problem is! I'm SO messed up. Thanks!

  • Yes Puleese. You don't know what that would mean to me. B'day 05 05 1952. Light and Blessings.

  • Sweetdee

    Thank you so much for my reading.

    Bless you xx

  • Hi Sweetdee, I would love a reading. My DOB is March 12 1985, 6:55 pm Boston MA. I am really confused about my love life right now. Thanks!

  • Hey Sweetdee

    Thank you for taking time to do my reading.. I dont suppose i am feeling just yet that the world is at my feet.I hope this is something that will transpire in the coming year. Something has come to an end this is true & yes endings can bring new beginings. I have very much been grappling with my heart & head and I try to seek enlightenment and try to seek it within myself. I don't want to be rescued as I know this doesnt help me, it just prolongs my recovery! I very much think your spot on with regards to a spiritual path. I do seek this moreso & hope to stay on that path more. I was hoping that something in your reading would shed some light on affairs of the heart but this tells me that it is more about me right now & that is never a bad thing.

    Many Thanks for your enlightment & taking the time to do so!

    Be Well & light to you also

    Mama : )

  • OK Tell me how my new career path will turn out! Thanks! Remember trust your instincts as u read the cards!

  • Hiya Sweetdee, sorry to appear rude or pushy, but are you doing any readings soon?



  • May 27,1997.

    Please && thank you.(:

  • Hey guys,

    whilst looking out of my kitchen window this morning i saw a cloud shaped like the number 7, unusal as i had never seen a cloud form like that. Well when picking up a few things from my local shop I bought a scratch card that was number 7 and you had to have 3 7's to win. I won £2.

    This has happened with me before with the number 7... I had a dream about the number 7, bought 3 lottery tickets and won on all 3. Hand on heart this very definately happened.

    I then went shopping with my daughter saw a pair of shoes that were £23 but couldn't really afford them... my daughter bought a pair of trousers at £7..coincidence. Cheekily I asked the young cashier, I dont suppose you could do these on a discount could you?

    He said 'oh i wish i could' after more teasing, he said 'give me something from your basket.My daughter handed him the trousers for £7.00. I also had a purse and a 1 other thing. he rung them up.My shoes cost me £7...The total of the bill was £21 I was shocked that he did it but hey certainly didn't complain.

    So the moral of the story is, If you see something that you instinctively think is a sign..follow it! it may bring you luck. Also If you don't ask you don't get!! Never be fearful to be immediate...Live for the now!!

    Good luck all in your endeavours,wishes,hopes & Dreams

    mama : )

  • Hi Sweetdee,

    Its been awhile ...I know your a busy working lady and I hope all is well and you havent forgotten of me Im #19 .....tonya.... 6/20/1969...

    Be blessed,


  • hello,sweet dee thank you for the offer to do readings i see that iam #6 i looked at the end of the discussions page 34 and still do not see my reading are you posting them somewhere else or just not able to get to them could you please give us a update. It was very generous to offer your insite but with out up dates people dont know if you have a cut off point which is understandable.So when you get a chance please update us if you could. Bless you and all!!!! thank you very much for your time. shanalea

  • Sweetdee are you still doing redings?

  • waiting patiently! thank you!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • batrack-abrama

    Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

  • thank you for that blessing thank is very sweeet

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