Would anyone like a reading?

  • HI!

    Very nice of you. Since Oct. of last year I've been going a lot of supernatural stuff. It began when I lost my beloved pet to cancer on Oct. 28, 2009.

    Her blanket just disappeared!

    Let's see what you have to see from your reading. Thank you and a Happy New Year!

    Blessed Be!


  • i feel you pain hon, i had to give up my beloved pet bella, but thankfully i gave her to my sister and i still can see her... she is just a baby still, only will be 4 years old this april... but when my sis came to get her, oh jeez i cried so hard... i never cried this way in my life, and if i did it was when i was a baby and cant remember... i have no insight for you, for i am not psychic like that, but i want to give you my condolences... and you will be in my prayers... hugggsss for comfort jaffeebella

  • Hi Sweetdee,

    I love a reading DOB 01/19/74 and his DOB 09/15/72. I need to know what the future holds for us. I'm so confuse right now.


  • Thanks SD. You really hit the nail on the head with that one! I am so lost right now. I hope I will figure it all out in 2011. Here's to a new year! Happy New Year everyone! I wish you the best! 🙂

  • If you are still reading, I would be most appreciative of your insight. DOB: Jul 7 1969. Hope you were able to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends while sharing your wonderful gifts here with us. Blessings & light to you xxooxxoo

  • reply to sweetdee from

    keekeemama37 regarding your reading

    8 keekeemama37,

    All the cards I have pulled for you is telling the same story.....

    There is a need for co-operation from a 3rd party, usually someone whose expertise is needed, a professional in his/her field.

    Hope that makes sense to you

    Love and light

    i also have done readings for myself including this celtic cross i did about 2 weeks ago that agree with your assessment of a 3rd parties cooperation

    1. 6 of wands

    2. 2 of cups

    3. 3 of pent

    4. 2 of swords reversed

    5. hierphant reversed, (i always get this card upright or reversed, always!!) dont understand it

    6.10 of wands

    7. 9 of swords

    8.devil reversed (get this one alot to)

    9.ace of cups reversed

    10. knight of pent

    i am just unsure of what sitiuation this this 3rd parties cooperation refers to

    1. i am considering getting a divorce and going to counseling, my counselor? my future lawer?

    2. my husband is going through a custody battle with his sons mom, the mom or our lawyer?

    3. my step son is currently living with my mother in law until custody is determined, she blames and resents me somewhat, my mom in law?

    4. i have severe depression(no kidding, just look above! and am working with my doc to control it

    5. i got into a severe car accident on july 29th and hurt my back pretty bad and currently have a lawyer for that

    6. i just filed bankruptcy and have a lawyer for that

    7. i found out on the monday that there was going to be some complications because of these 2 cases going on at the same time, but i wont know the outcome for a month or 2, i guess my bankruptcy lawyer and injury lawyer have to have a pow wow soon

    please help me clarify or even if you can help me figure out how i can clarify who this 3rd party is. i would really appreciate it

    as you can imagine my life is a mess, and it is affecting me, my kids, everything

    i know you are very busy and will wait patiently 🙂 but unfortunatly or fortunatly your reading confirmed mine(which i dont understand) which is even more aggravating

  • Can you please tell me what X feels for me?

  • hello best wishes for the new year

    if you still have the time to do a reading for me i would like to have one for my love life and the disappointing situation in which i am.

    im in a relation for 3 years and recently and suddently he disappear.

    will we continue, is any reason (another person maybe) to explain his behavior? has he feelings for me?

    thank you in advance

    its truly help for me to communicate with someone in this difficult moment

  • I would like a reading concerning career direction

  • hello sweetdee , not tring to rush you i read and understand u have a life too. Just was looking to see where i stand on your list. i was 6th so could give me an update.thank you for taking your time for all the many people that are requesting your help/insite.. You can get in touch with me at thanks again...................

  • Dear SD: How very kind to offer a reading. I am also just starting to learn about Tarot and fascinated by what they tell me. I can`t yet read the intricacies and how one card relate to others, and have been only trying to gain sight with a one-card timing reading so far.

    I would appreciate your reading on my current situation with Bob and where our future will end up, and how this future will incorpoate with his daughter. I have not seen him for 1.5 years, but intuitively I think he cares.

    Thank you.

  • I thank you for your offer. I have had something weighting heavy on my mind lately and I need answers.My DOB is10/19/70 and my husbands is07/31/67 My husband has cheated on me in the past and I have a feeling that given the chance he would do it again. Am I acurate or am I looking for something that is not there?

  • Thank you for the fantastic forum, and a Happy New year to you all, A big thank you to all who read and reply to this message, your responses are immensly appreciated. Could I please request a reading for this situation, my DOB is 03 May 1970.Three colleagues with the aid of an external consultant have colluded to have me fired from my current post, their motive is simply jealousy they are however well connected. I would like the hearing to vindicate me, then I would like to seek compensation for unfair treatment and finally I would like to apply my trade overseas, more speciffically New Zealand or Austrailia.

    Any other insights well be appreciated as well, thanks again

  • Dear SweetDee47;

    If you are still doing readings, I would appreciate one. My bd is 05-08-60. Thank You and Happy New Year

  • Hello SweetDee47

    please could you do a reading for me?

    my dob is 11/24/1959.

    i will trully appreciate it.

    kind regards


  • I would love to have you do a reading for me

  • Hi, I would appreciated very much if you could do a reading for me. DOB is 6/4/76. Thank you in advance. Happy NY!

  • Come on guys. Do you not see the 30 pages. This is really too much for one person.

    SweetDee, I'm taking my request out of the hat for you.


  • Yes I am with Shai, Sweetdee dont worry about my reading either! People see the word FREE and it gets out of control. Hope you are doing well. ( :

  • I see 30 pages, but I didn't know she was so behind. Normally one would put in the original message "I am no longer accepting requests" as to warn any new posters.

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