Would anyone like a reading?

  • #10 sherangel,

    There is contentment, physical well being, material success and looking forward to the future. Approach things and people from a softly-softly angle. You will get better results by using tact, understanding, empathy, friendship and love than by using aggression. You have to see things in a different way, as looking at it with someone else's eyes. There is a sense of urgency and things happening quickly. The indicates a period of waiting is coming to an end and the time is right for change. There is satisfaction and success and circumstances wanting to move forward.

    Hope the above makes sense

    Love and light

  • #11 Foozer

    I would read the cards you drawn as follows:

    Card 1 (Justice) : How you feel about yourself now = There may be a need to look at your situation and ask yourself whether you are being really objective and balanced in your approach.

    Card 2 (The High Priestess) : What you most want at this moment = There may be things hidden, It is unlikely that you have got the full facts and information to make a decision. You may have to ask probing questions to get all the information you need.

    Card 3 (Wheel Of Fortune) : Your fears = It may be a time to go with the flow and see what is being presented to you.

    Card 4 (The Tower) : What is going for you = Something unexpected and unplanned is happening in your life

    Card 5 (The World) : What is going against you = Everything seems to be working together in harmony and wholeness. It is also about the beginning of a new cycle.

    Card 6 (The Devil) : Outcome = Concerning a relationship this card can warn against obsession or people that are no good for us and prompts you to examine the situation carefully.

    Hope the above helps

    Love and light

  • #12 sporty48,

    There is a woman prominently in your cards, yourself, generally quite a straight forward person. She is popular, outgoing, makes friends easily, tackles things wholeheartedly, is open and sincere, has a natural vibrancy, is confident and cheerful and has a strong sense of self assurance. The cards advise you to take action in a bold and fearless way. Trust your intuition, tap into your inner guidance system through relaxation and meditation. You have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you probably need to make logically, however there is also a lot of emotion attached to the decision.

    I hope the above helps you

    Love and light

  • Ok guys,

    For clarification, an update on where you stand in the line for your readings.

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    PLEASE, DO NOT POST YOUR REQUEST MORE THAN ONCE. It's difficult enough to try to keep up. There are some people that posted the same request up to 3 times, you know who you are.

    Anybody that requesting more than once, WILL BE IGNORED.

    I have a life, a work and children. As much as I would love to be able to help each and everybody immediately, I simply can't to that. Please understand and have a bit of patience.

    Over and out from me tonight.

    May the light be with you.

  • Sweetdee47

    Thanks so much for doing this-If you wish i wouldn't mind helping you makesure the list doens't get any bigger 🙂 because some readers do ignore your posting- will keep posting the list if people try and ask for a reading. We had a system on HP3 thread of her readings- For astrology. It worked out well. Love and light bee Xx.

  • Hello Sweetdee47,

    I have just been having multiple halts in my life and was wondering if you could provide any words of comfort or encouragement. my date of birth is 12/25/1989

  • Thank you, Sweetdee!

  • Sweetdee, bless you for doing all these readings!! You sure are keeping up well with them and don't seem crabby about it in the least. 🙂 You wanted feedback, so here's my reading and my feedback:

    7 saje043,

    It may be that you need to examine the choices you are making in life and perhaps a small change could make a big difference in the way you feel and the actions you take. It may be a time of quiet contemplation and preparation for the next steps. It is a time for mind, body and spirit to heal. I see a broken heart that still hurts at times, but all is not lost. New beginnings is soon to follow.

    Love and light

    I can't say I'm sure what you mean with small changes making a big difference, other than allowing 'the right ones in and keeping the wrong ones out' to paraphrase an Aerosmith song. But you're right about the broken heart, and new beginnings. I know this new year is going to bring me many great things--I just need to work on my patience now!! Thanks so much for the reading!!



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  • hello Sweetdee47!

    thank you for the insight reply that i got fr.you dated dec 29 and im #5

    but the question that i asked for my reading was not answered

    please advice...

    thank you and Happy new year!

  • Ok I'm new SweetDee. I got a lot going on Astrologically maybe you can do a reading to help clarify for me. DOB 3-3-67 ASC 18 Aries. I feel like I'm on the edge of something. Thanks!

  • pangga,

    I am sorry I could not answer your question. In your basic reading I could not see if he will be back or not. I only relay what I see in the cards and I refuse to make up any story.

  • Hey Sweetdee47,

    this is my for my friend, they don't know if it's a good time for them to travel to France next year or stay in NY for carreer reasons. (I actually have cards but left them at my sisters place bc I'm going to give her a reading sorry) I have my opinion just looking for an second response.

  • Sweetdee47,

    thank you very much for posting a reading for me.



  • hopefully you can give me some insight as well. my DOB 4-10-1965. 2010 has been really crappy for me and my family. thank you sweetdee! eternally grateful

  • That' so sweet of you. I'm in desperate need of a reading. Birthday: 4/10/71

  • God Bless You and Yes, I would like a reading.......

    My name is Donna, 9 22 1954. Just moved to a new apartment with my daughter Maria 5 26 1989, starting a new year, what do you see for me, work, love life, etc.

    Thanks and Happy New Year......

    Best, Donna ,

  • Hello Sweetdee,

    you can reach me at Thank you


  • sweetdee, thank you so much for my reading , and taking the time im new here so i wasnt able to find the reading right away . but thank you from the bottom of my heart .wishing you a very happy new year . foxiee 1

  • Hello Sweetdee,

    I would love to have a reading DOB 4/01/58. Thank-you and Happy New year!!


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