Would anyone like a reading?

  • I'd love a reading! I can use all the help and advice I can get right now! My DOB is 10/11/71. Right now the biggest question in my life is about the guy I just lost.

  • anothercancermenproblem,

    "something coming to an end" could mean a number of things, does not necessarily means a relationship.... could be confusion... worries.. literally a lot of possibilities.

    Also remember love is not always a guarantee for anything. I will do a more thorough reading for you at a later stage when I have some time. Might be best if I post on your own tread...

    Take care so long till we meet again.

    Love and light.

    Hi sweetdee,

    thank you for your reading, yes it is the cancer guy i am talking about here!

    just one question though, so you are saying "something is coming to an end, in its present form" I am abit confuse by this. Do you refer to the relationship between me and him? because later you mention if he loves me you said he does.

    I try to do pendulum reading for myself before and I always found that the answers I get were the one I want to hear so I stop doing it. But if you can post the forum Im sure there will be people that is interested in.( I know I am)

  • sweetdee47 I would love a reading. I would like to know what my future over the next 6 months has in store for me. I have been through a lot and am just curious if things will be looking up.

    Thank you very much, van5521

  • Dear Sweetdee47

    Thanks very much for reading for me.Heres a tarot reading I did for you .If it rings a bell and if you have any specific question Ill try to do another one for you!

    Are you poised between two equally powerful options or forces? You seem to want to make a choice as fairly as possible and are deliberating. Probably some paper work is also involved. The cards indicate that soon you will move away from any difficult or dangerous routes to an easier one/choice.

    On the personal front again you seem to be caught in a duel like situation. Either this is pleasurable argument or contest with someone or a choice between two people. I f the latter, there is a masculine assertive man in your present, who likes things his way and wont back down. The cards advise you to take a risk and follow your heart. Your future or second option is the King of cups a man of emotion and generosity. Alternatively it means You are the one getting emotionally mature and nurturing. Either way, it looks good!

    On the money/profession front all seems well right now, with the support of friends and a sense of fulfillment .What may be obstructing you is restless, impulsive attitudes, a desire for travel and change for its own sake. What is supportive or will support you is collaboration, friends and social interaction. In the future the cards caution you against evasion, self deception or deceptive people/person. Examine your situation carefully before you make any major changes.

    Hope this helps

  • Hello! Sweetdee47

    I would love a reading, i been thrugh a lot lately, Im a single mom my ex is giving me a hard time and i need to know if theres any changes financialy wise. my b-day is 11/07/1962 and

    i have a boyfriend whos fr. the Phillippines we been together since July of this yr. but his going

    back hm because his got 3 kids overthere and his b-day is 10/12/1960 i would like to know if

    this is a longterm relationship and if his coming back here for me, or maybe not to expect anything. I needed somebody to help.. so please give me some insight i dont to get hurt again and i dont want my kids to expect fr. him either..

    thanks and hope to hear fr.you Merry Christmas !

  • Sweetdee btw you are quite right about reading closeness to nature.Its true of me.Also the current feelings.What you say about my future ,ill try and tell you how it shapes out!


  • Thank you Sweetdee, I look forward to receiving my reading. 🙂



  • Hi Sweetdee, thanks a lot for the reading. It does make sense... take care and blessings to you xx

  • Sweetdee,

    I would really like a reading please. my birthday if june 29 1988 mineola NY. Thank you and happy holidays!

  • I'd love one too! My dob is 8/5/68. Very kind of you to offer!!

  • i would love a reading 9/15/1973, thank you

  • You are so kind to offer this! It can be very time consuming. I would love a reading also. My DOB is 11/17/63 and the DOB of the man I love is 02/26/66. Any insight you can give me on our relationship will be greatly appreciated.

  • Sweetdee47

    Hope you dont mind but i made a list of the ones on thread for a reading. You have been awesome on the readings and keeping up with all you have had. Just wanted to help you a little.

    Stay Blessed. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Tammy

    Songofsharon Others after you announced it closed

    ReesyReese heffinc

    leikelaa AW86

    sweetoty the transformer

    dailiolite tonib3741

    shazou piscesstar

    momac foxiee l

    missdelightful charmedwitchbente

    skyeblu444 cheryl eggleton

    piscestam laura j8

    red35 van 5521

    kells629 pangga

    nena1986 pisceslover223

    mama2461 saje043

    poetic555 keekeemama37

    stylegoddess555 gypsy04

  • Sweetdee47

    sorry i really muffed that list up for you. But the list on left are the ones up to when you announced thread closed. I am so very sorry for the mess, thought i might could help but proli made it worst.

    Hope no one gets ill bout it, as i am still kinda new at posting on forum.

    Again i am really sorry.

  • I urgently need a reading on a relationship. I am Sagattarius12-8-59, he is a Gemini. He has been distant lately. What is going on? Thank you for all your help and god's blessings.

  • Hello! I am new to this community and forum. I have had my card reads online, although I know it might not be the best way to get an accurate reading. I am having some trouble with my ex-girlfriend. I still love her very much but ever since we have broken up, we have been sort of off and on. I need advice on whether to make sacrifices to make it work or move on. I have tried online readings several times, but I feel that the last reading might be the most revealing. Can anyone tell me what it means or what I should do?

    Card 1 (Justice) : How you feel about yourself now

    Card 2 (The High Priestess) : What you most want at this moment

    Card 3 (Wheel Of Fortune) : Your fears

    Card 4 (The Tower) : What is going for you

    Card 5 (The World) : What is going against you

    Card 6 (The Devil) : Outcome

    I appreciate any help anyone might have for me. Thanks in advance and god bless.

  • sweetdee47. i would love a reading if u have the time .im with a pisces man and i am a taurus .what is our love and compibility readings and what can i expect in the near future for me . his b day is 2/19/47 mine is 4/29/1940 . thank you so much for doing this for all of us here . foxiee1

  • Sweetdee47, I would appreciate anything you could offer me in certain things coming this year. My d.o.b. is 12-29-59. Thank you and god bless.

  • Dear SweetDee47.

    I would love to have a reading if you still feel up to it. My date of birth is 05/08/60.

    Thank You

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