Would anyone like a reading?

  • Dear LaMamaK,

    Sorry I didn't make it on your birthday. A belated Happy Birthday... rather late than never. Hope you had a awesome day!!

    The cards tells you are feeling trapped, overwhelmed. Take off the blindfolds and see things as they are. The cards warn you about someone that might want what does not belong to them.There is going to be an end to problems and good times lies ahead. The cards tells about a high energy, go-getting, action-oriented, determined, inspiring, forceful person who knows what he wants and how to get there. He creates results and then is very happy to bask in the glory that results from his success. Do as he does, in taking action in a bold and fearless way. Something to look forward to is about to happen, trust in your heart, go with the flow and allow the Universe to support you. Often the simplest of things give the greatest and most long lasting pleasure

    Hope it make sense.

    Love and light to you


  • Dear renzosluv,

    The Queen of Swords is honest, truthful and may take the moral high ground with others. She is not one to be messed with or to lie to. She is tough, independent and likely to keep herself and her feelings to herself. This card can indicate tough bargains and negotiating. The matter is likely to be dealt with in a very matter of fact way and by following the rule book. There will be little room for emotional matters.

    Stay positive all is not lost. There will be victory over a situation. There is a lot of changes to come over the period of the next twelve months.

    I hope the above makes sense.

    Love and light


  • Dear anothercancermenproblem,

    I sure hope you don't refer to your cancer problem...? You want my advise... RUN... and never look back. Once they get under your skin it takes a lifetime to get them out. On a lighter note, let me see what the cards say... 🙂

    There are ties and commitments that can come as the consequences of our actions. It is often about obsession, excess, passion used negatively or purely for self gain. Something is coming to an end, in its present form, and there are much better times ahead. The cards show a man with brown/dark hair.

    You would know if the man from the cards represents the cancer. Does he loves you....?

    Trust me on this one.... HE DOES!!

    I learned pendulum readings long before I have attempted Tarot cards. Many of my answers I am getting from the pendulum which is directly linked to the Universe and subconscious, Somewhere on the forum is a posting from a very dear friend of mine of how to do pendulums. I'll have a look for it and repost if you or anybody else is interested.

    Love and light

  • The rest of you will have to wait till tomorrow with stylegoddess555 as being the last one to receive a reading on this thread. Have to get a bit of my beauty sleep. 🙂

    Love and Light


  • I love the no nonsense approach, tell it like it is girl!

  • That would be wonderful!! My birth date is 8-3-66 his 12-7-70. Curious as to where this "relationship" is heading, if anywhere. Is there someone else in my near future?

    Thank you!! Light & Love!!

  • thank you for your insight and my hope is that all will be well as there is great love in the family but financial constraints and fears have been in the forefront for a long time. I look forward to a way to help all.

  • Hi sweetdee

    Could I get a general reading please? Dob 19th feb 1986. If you get the time that is

    Thanks aw86

  • Hi Sweetdee47,

    Thank you kindly for this support. May I have a reading? I am in a very troubled 22yr marriage and struggling with a deep sense of "knowing" that it may be time to move on and the uncertainty of doing so (unknown). Seven months ago I was suddenly reconnected (phone/FB) with a long lost lover of my past and we were no doubt soul-mates, however the timing was not right in either of our lives at that time, 28yrs ago. I would like a reading, if possible, around this context?

    My birthdate is Nov 8, 1963

    Lost/Found Love: July 8, 1954

  • Thank you for taking your time on behalf of all of us. Your reading is very true and gives me strength to keep pushing forward. It has been a long haul but I feel its the dark before the dawn.

    Have a blessed Christmas and may all your dreams for the new year come to pass.

    Love and Light

  • Dear Sweetdee47

    Thankyou so much im am looking forward to the new positive changes that are going to take place i really appreaciate you taking the time in doing this reading for me wishing you all the best , for a merry christmas.and a happy new year and may all your wishes come true .

    Lots of love Mags

  • Sweetdee-

    Thank you for your reply. Your reading makes perfect sense to me as my partner and I have been through the ringer this year. He is a great guy but also does try to control and run full speed again. Thank you for your advice. I have been sensing changes coming which your reading supports. We shall see! Happy New Year!


  • Sweetdee,

    If you have time, not exhausted from all the readings, I would like a reading. My birthday 10/11/50. Just a general reading. I do have health issues.. Thanks so much.


  • Hi Sweetdee,

    If you can, could you please do a reading regarding my love life for 2011.

    My DOB 03/18/66.

    Thank you kindly

  • SD SweetDee! Thank you for the birthday blessings! Yes! It makes sense... and I am so happy to hear what you saw! Everything you said made perfect sense. Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy life to do this! It really means a lot and you have blessed so many!

    Love and light to you!


  • sweetdee . can u do a reading for me my bday is 4/29/40. his b day is 2/19/47. love and compatibility if u would please .thanks foxiee1

  • Hi sweetdee,

    thank you for your reading, yes it is the cancer guy i am talking about here!

    just one question though, so you are saying "something is coming to an end, in its present form" I am abit confuse by this. Do you refer to the relationship between me and him? because later you mention if he loves me you said he does.

    I try to do pendulum reading for myself before and I always found that the answers I get were the one I want to hear so I stop doing it. But if you can post the forum Im sure there will be people that is interested in.( I know I am)

  • Hello Sweetie SweetDee47.

    Im amazed of your gutsyness to take on so many requests and to keep it going. I once or trice or more, dont recall how many times, I helped out rookie readers when they got overwhelmed. last one I ended of helping people for over 30 pages and by the time i was done with all on the prior pages, i had equally as many awaiting for both me and the rookies insights.

    I was so done in. I was unable to fulfill them. Which is ok for us to do. Its okay to go listen guys im done, i cant noi more at this time. I need a break.

    That said hats off to ya. Im impressed. By this I hope you is open to take on one more request for a reading`?

    Im a fish born march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm in Soenderborg Denmark. My issues are at the moment:

    Education - how will it proceed? will i knack the code for my achillus heel issue which is programming? will i quit or be quitted?

    Work, is it in the stars?

    relocation? whom will help when n where to?

    love - many may now groan but the issue has changed as there is now one man left, Charlie June 25 th 1941 San Francisco USa at 2.47 Am born

    and last whichever whatever message im to heed at this time.

    I say the last bc we may post what we wish to know, BUT the reply may be a completely different one, on an issue we havent been aware to.

    Bless ya sweetdee47.

    Ur hopefully future co friend reader


  • Thank you so much for the reading, SweetDee, and yes, it makes perfect sense to me, and clears up a couple of things. 🙂

  • Hi Sweetdee, I would love a reading, had a tough year as I'm sure many have, dob 25-04-70.


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