Need life reading

  • Alot has happened in the last few weeks and i am unsure of everything. Would like to have a reading on love, family, trouble i have gotten into last week and school. if its not too much to ask> i am 27 9-20-83 i am a 5 and virgo/libra

  • Dear change5

    I feel that you will want to find a love interest this coming year and nest with him. I hear the name of Kent if you are already in a relationship I feel that it is missing something for you. You will free yourself and look for someone more fullfilling in 2011.

    Your family has been there yet ready for you to fly more on your own and take responsibility for your actions more, and you will do so even if you are forced to by the law. I hope this will not be the case if you grab hold and change your mind set that you really are a worthy person and will reach out and find what you are seeking in this new year.

    School of art, music, writing, acting would all be a good choice for you. You can learn and than teach what you know for a living. In the meantime get in touch with your inner soul which equals your mind will and emotions and balance them through spiritual help. Once you are in balance your life path will flow with much more ease and love will be in your life as you will be able to attract what you want to yourself .

    Happiness is coming to you with this New Year in many wonderful new ways.


  • Hi shuabby. Do you think you can perform a reading for me also. I am in need. I feel depressed and very lonely and confused. Pisces/aquarius. 2/19/81 29 year old.

  • thank you so much i know its been a while i ended up leaving my ex and cpo was enforced. closest thing to kent was me meeting a man that was near a town named kent i was with him for a short while till he suddenly passed away. i am hoping to return to school soon n start anew. i am working more with my tarot cards and listening to intuition. if anything else pops up let me now and thank you .

  • hey hurt please create your own forum then only u will get ur q. ans..

    thank you

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