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  • hi there could anyone give me a reading please. i've been seeing someone for the last two months who lives in a different country to me and whom i really like but not 100% sure on his feelings for me and also think he has commitment issues but there is a very strong sexual chemistry between us. just wondering whether it's worthwhile continuing with this relationship or whether it should just be shortlived. my dob 27/09/69 his 21/11/76 thanks

  • hi Captain are you able to help with my query above? thankyou

  • In love and marriage, you two can share many carnal delights. Your friend tends to be more sensuous however, enjoying food and comfort as much as sex. You are often more passionate, reserving and channeling most of your sensual energy directly into sex. However, your ideas and ideals may keep you from participating physically at certain times, making your friend frustrated and unhappy.

    You two can brighten up any environment with your humorous exchanges. Together you make a definite impression on your surroundings and tend to leave something memorable behind after you depart. Your relationship has courage, determination and staying power. Despite its heavy and palpable effects on its environment, this relationship is particularly noticeable when you two start kidding around. Your friend's irreverence towards authority (he's a revolutionary at heart) stimulates and supports your own individualistic attitude. The focus of this relationship is likely to invovle breaking with established traditions and attempting to set up an independent structure within a family or social setting. Marriage here can be both practical and fun, but ultimately won't adhere to tradition.

    Singer41, you can be a bit of a control freak with very high standards at times so you will have to watch that this tendency doesn't clash with your friend's own need for control. You may also have an aversion to ill health, germs or uncleanliness which can make it rather hard for people to get close to you. You can be torn between being committed to someone and running away, to the point where you endanger your own emotional or even physical health. You have this fear that everything will fall apart just when things are getting good. Work on overcoming your fears if you want better relationships and a happier life.

    Your friend can be a bit of a unrealistic romantic dreamer and has probably had many failed relationships because of finding out that someone wasn't as perfect or like his mother as he hoped she would be. He has a fear of being abandoned or ripped off by others - being dumped and drained of all his money and love. He wants someone to make him feel financially secure. So he dreams of the perfect lover, only to be disappointed over and over as his fears come true. They either walk out on him or die, which is the ultimate rejection as he sees it. His mother is/was probably the source of a lot of his problems and he is attracted to women who are just like her. He also likes to be in control so this can be a strong point of contention between you. You need to first talk about which of you will control what in your relationship, before you both decide to commit.

  • Thankyou for your reply... I agree with the control bit.... he has had a lot of one night stands and not a lot of relationships which makes me very wary of him.

    Also when I try to get a commitment from him when I can see him again he won't commit as he says he has work and family commitments at the moment... i know he likes me but don't know whether he is just being cautious at the moment so he doesn't get hurt or whether he just likes his freedom too much?? I think there is some truth about his mum... she left him for a year when he was 10 with his older sister and he seems to have a lot of obligation to his family..

    Any insights on this? Thankyou for your time...

  • Yes the fear he felt then when he didn't know if his mother was coming back or not follows him to this day so that he doesn't trust women much at all. He thinks he will fall in love with them and then they will dump him. Hence his wariness with you. I also feel he is attracted to a woman where he lives and cannot make up his mind between you (the bird in the hand versus the one far away in the bushes). There's not much you can do here except be his friend while he decides.

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