Is my dog her?

  • I have this pitbull and she is constantly by me always trying to get my attention and everything and it drives me crazy she sleeps in my bed and everything... I am wondering can someone who passed take the image of a dog watching over me and my kids?! I know it sounds crazy or is my dog that intersted in me? I am just curious, Im not crazy but was thinking my pit could be the women whom I called my mom that passed away... Thanks

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  • Hi Jenna29,

    Never feel stupid dear for asking a question that will help give you better understanding.

    I myself use a pet communication named she is a wonderful pet psychic with reasonable rates.

    Give your dog a hug for me.


  • That is total pit bull behavior wouldnt suprise me if she like her head on the pillows and to be under the covers both of mine sleep on the couch with blankets at night. 🙂

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