Could someone please do my first reading ever? :)

  • Hi everyone.

    I've never had a reading before. All I know is that I am a scorpio and I really would love to know some more details about my specific information. If someone could please help me I would be so so grateful. I am primarily thinking of the areas of love and personal growth.

    I was born on November 8th 1989 at 12:07 PM in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am so excited to hear from anyone out there, who knows their business! 🙂

    Many many thanks in advance!

  • Anna, you come into this life with the qualities of empathy, understanding, and steadfast devotion. The key to your success is your willingness to release some highly controlling attitudes and to temper the more passionate side of your nature. You must also learn to trust others more by revealing your more emotional vulnerable side. You can sometimes be judgmental without being fair but, if you cultivate simple kindness and generosity and set aside any selfishness or self-centred aims to give of yourself to others, this will surely be a very fulfilling and happy lifetime for you.

    It is in the area of relationships that most of your life lessons will be learned. You simply want to be in love - to be adored and bond with someone who returns your passion. Learning to go with the flow and accepting love naturally rather than trying to control or force it will benefit you greatly. Fate will place you in the company of a wide variety of people, particularly those whom you find especially difficult to accept, or even intolerable types, in order to help you open and broaden your mind. You tend to trust your mind over your heart and prefer to listen rather than talk for fear of saying the wrong thing. You have a latent tendency to vacillate between aggressive and passive behaviour - one moment ruling with a heavy and even ruthless hand only to exhibit awareness and kindness the next. This can be hard on your love relationships. Beware of holding double standards where you allow bad behaviour in yourself but loathe it in others. Any overbearing attitudes, intolerance or inconsideration will drive your lovers and friends away. The lesson "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" really applies for you here. Sexuality and relationship depend on openness and trust to flourish. Express your feelings and needs and learn to trust your partner. And don't let any need for others' approval hold you back. Many with your profile are looking for substitute parents to take care of them because they feel unsure about taking care of themselves.

    You have a wise and healing spirit whose sensitivity and refinement needs a balanced moderate lifestyle (a light, primarily vegetarian diet with the occasional fish or poultry to keep you grounded) that includes inner work, such as meditation or contemplation, to create a safe peaceful space in which you can feel nourished and refreshed. When insecurity blocks your creativity, you will have to watch a tendency to fall into self-destructive patterns such as abuse of drugs, food or sex. Regular moderate exercise or some sort of refined physical training like

    dance, t'ai chi, yoga, or swimming will keep your energy channels open and flowing. Exercise will also ground you so that you don't need to find other less healthy ways to release your energy, like in addictive behaviours.

    You are a powerful individual (who may however have a fear of being a nobody or a regular person) and you will no doubt achieve a position of authority since you do enjoy working side by side with others. Remember to treat those who work for or with you with understanding, compassion, support and appreciation, and all will go well for you in your career. Your heroic and inventive qualities should guarantee you success in whatever field you choose. Careers that require objectivity would suit you. Scientist, astrologer, electrician, computer technician, any work where the ability to see the future and bring it into the present is an advantage or introducing innovative ideas to the public - are all professions where you would do well. Broadcast work in TV or radio, art, acting, dancing, photography, healing, design, teaching or writing (especially poetry) are other fields where you have innate talents.

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