Captain- can you please read me?!

  • Hi Captain. You did a reading for me about a month ago and I have been on my soul searching quest ever since. I feel lie all doors are locked for me right now- employment, relationships, etc. I feel stuck. Can you tell me anything about forward movement and positive things in the future? Thank you very much in advance.

    DOB: 3/3/71

  • Manifest39, I do feel you sincerely want change in your life but you don't actually want to change yourself or have to take action yourself. You want change to come to you in some random act of fate or destiny and you want other people around you to change to suit you, too. But you have to do something yourself because change always begins internally. Unless you change your thinking and approach to life, you will achieve nothing. Simply hoping and wishing for change doesn't work. Start now by taking positive practical steps to change your job, love, and life situations.

  • I feel like I am working toward change. I have applied for numerous jobs but no doors are opening. I am trying to change my habits with men but I am still mourning the loss of my last relationship. I am not sure what to do at this point, just looking for how to make those changes effectively. I feel like I am trying to make changes but I feel disheartened...

  • One problem for you is that you tend to see your work as a reflection of you. Your work is your personal happiness and ego-booster. But it doesn't have to be. You really can do any job and still feel you are you. You can just get your satisfaction from other activities like leisure time sports or hobbies. You don't have to wait for a job that suits you perfectly and ticks all your boxes of self-satisfaction. You just need to be able to pay the bills. The same thing goes for relationships. Having or not having a partner does not reflect poorly on you. You need to establish an individual identity where what you do or who you see or don't see doesn't affect your self-esteem or self-worth. You don't need validation of your value from other people or your work. You can prove to yourself you are a useful human being by helping others in your spare time.

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