Love Reading (Scorp girl & Taurus boy)

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    Can you please provide me with some insight, I feel like i'm caught up in something that lives purely in my head and not in reality. What do you do when your male best friend (who has an on/off long term) , keeps sending you mixed signals along with questionable non-verbal communication. But yet when I bring this behavior to his attention, he gets all tongue tied and changes the subject or tells me I'm wrong. If that's the case so be it, but I don't think it is...which is bizarre b/c I'm not the type that falls for every guy or thinks that a guy likes me b/c we accidentally bumped knees...I repeat I'm so not that girl. Out of all my male friends, he's the only one that's overly touchy feely, and flirtatious. Initially it was cool b/c it didn't bother me but now I can't seem to stop thinking about him. He literally haunts my thoughts and I get all giggly like an idiot after I've spoken to him. I feel a little embarrassed and pathetic. I'm scheduled to move out of the country in 2012 but I'm trying to move next fall so I can get away from this situation sooner. I'm in my mid-30's however I feel like this situation has taken me back to junior high school. If this guy isn't a potential mate, is there someone else coming along that I can focus my attention on, vice/versa. Please help me. My bday is 11/14/1977 and his is 05/06/1979

  • You two are compelte opposites in the zodiac and, as they say, opposites do attract. Your friendship is vitally important to both of you, often more so than a marriage or love affair would be. Heavy expectations can be counterproductive, however, and strict and unforgiving attitudes may make a free and easy exchange in love difficult or even impossible here. A love affair here can be complex - passion, sexual attraction and jealousy can all run high, with pain and suffering too inevitably close behind. There is also a high possibility of a love triangle being formed if you get bored with your more practical and earthy partner, which will have destructive results. Your need for emotional honesty and full expression may be thwarted or wounded by your friend's critical atitudes and frank assessments; also, he likes to be left alone a lot of the time, and any controlling or possessive attitudes on your part is likely to annoy him.

    I think your friend is as curious and wary as you about whether or not you two could go deeper with your relationship. There is definitely the sexual magnetism there, but emotionally and in your individual approaches to relationships and life, you are very different.

  • And yes I do feel someone much more compatible coming along for you next year around mid-March.

  • Great insight....thanks Captain! 🙂

  • Just make sure you remove any issues you have that may interfere with you finding true love. Such as a possible obsession with running the show, to the point that it impedes your enjoyment of personal relationships.

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