Scorpio Man Just Friend or Boyfriend

  • His Bday 11/17/76 He says we're just friends then when I talk to another man he acts like a jealous boyfriend, but he goes and sleeps with any girl who will sleep with him.

    My Bday 7/10/65 he says I lie when I tell him I'm not in love with him but just love him as friends. He started the kissing, hugging, snuggling, I let him take it where he wanted it to go. Then he decidd it was a commitment he wasn't ready for and backed off but I still can't talk to other men or I'm cheating. Was starting to fall in love with him but that's changed do to his actions. He put his hands around me neck 2 weeks ago and was squeezing hard. It hurt; he called it tickling and me over reacting, turns out he was mad at me and won't talk about why with me.

    Now he says we are not friends and never should of been but won't return the key to my apartment or delete me from his messanger account.

    Any insight or a reading would be greatly appreciated as I am lost in what to do. Just let it break up, waiting period, or fight to maintain this relationship.

  • He was born in Cali Colombia early morning. Adopted when he was 3-6 months old.

    I was born Grand Forks ND just after 3 am.

    We are both 5 th children for our mothers and I am 4th for my father he was 5th for his father who died before he was born.

    I have no photos.

  • I think this guy has a control issue and you should get away from him. Anyone who gets jaelous if you have other male friends is not really a friend and if he had his hands around your neck and was squeezing, he was not tickling you. Change the locks on your door and get a new cell phone number while you are at it. There is nothing worth fighting for here.

  • I agree, run away. he can't sleep with other women and then get jealous of you talking to other guys. And he can't put his hands on your neck, thats just crazy. It sounds like he just wants to own you, seriously.....

  • Yeah. He did return the key at noon but he won't block me on MSN messenger and for some reason I can't block him on my side. And he wants me to stop updating my status so he doesn't have to see it. I told him to block and delete or ignore. He has other things of mine but I'm going to let him keep them and forget about them. I have to replace my cellphone anyway so I will get a new number then.

    He still says it's all my fault and as been telling everyone I am calling him a criminal, I haven't not even to him.

    Control is definitely him. He can't control his own life but thinks he can mine. He really needs to grow up.

  • Good for you, Emaegf!! Stick it to him nice and hard! You go, girl!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Guess who's back and wants to be friends. Actually he wants to come over and spend time together. There is another girl in the picture and she doesn't approve of me and him being anything. He even texted me Monday "Happy Valentine's Day" but didn't say anything to her. I don't know, I've been wondering if he has an alternative motive for coming around again. Over the last few months he has called me stalker (while he goes and Google's me and downloads everything I have posted on line that has anything to do with "friends") , a "teenager" trying to get attention (by ignoring him), I'm out of touch with reality because I know the truth about our relationship but he denies it all happened (new girl was jealous about what we had so let's lie about it). Yep but now he wants to be in my life again? Thoughts anyone?

  • delete him

  • I agree. This is trouble all the way around. I hate to say this but I would almost say that it would be worth it to set up a new messenger account. Invite the people you have on the list to the new one and shut this one down. He's got some control issues and if he had any respect for the woman in his life, he wouldn't be treating her the way he does by coming around you, in my opinion it's disrespectful and you don't deserve to be treated like that. Listen to your gut feelings when it comes to questioning why he's coming around again? Trust your instincts. You wouldn't be here if you thought everything was fine. You are looking for confirmation that this is a bad situation and we agree with you. It is.

  • turtledust and AuntBuck you are right. He is controling and now even more than before at least toward me. I know he's jealous of the other male friends I have in my life and he hates it if I refuse to do what he says even when it's impossible for me to do it. I haven't talked to him in a few weeks and he hasn't contacted me either since he's sick. I don't have any plans on contacting him again, he hasn't changed but I know I have and he has seen that for himself 6 weeks ago when he stopped by to ask me to go to dinner. He hates it but that's his problem. He did what he did and made the choices he did so he can live with his choices now; I'm moving on.

  • Good for you....:0)

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