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  • I've read everywhere that Taureans are compatible with each other but I never had that experience. Just looking back from childhood till now I always had a problem with Taurus man. The men I have met who where Taurus seemed nice at first met then very abrasive, rude, and stuck up. I am totally not saying ALL Taurus men are this way at all! 🙂 Just with my past relationships with my fellow bullish peps, it never gets past a month. I'm married to a Leo for 6 yrs now and have a 2 yr old sagitaurs boy as well. (yea I'm probably in for that one. lol) Every compatibility test stated this is a relationship that will never work as. My husband and I have been together since college so 10 - 11 yrs and it's just getting better. I'm a Taurus/sun, Capricorn/moon, and Taurus/rising. I don't know my husband birth date so it's a dead end there. Has anyone else felt like reports of compatibility hasn't been spot on with you?

  • Hello bullbeach

    I am a Taurean female and I would say our male counterparts are not at all compatible with us. I went out with a Taurean male once and he was selfish opinionated and full of himself and to be honest nothing like me at all.

    One thing I have learnt is that there is a distince difference between the sexes in Astrology i.e. I am v attracted to Scorpio men but I have a definite rivalry and competiveness with the female variety.

    I do think we should go for signs other than our own really I do..... the Taurus male has never worked for me but I am a staunch Taurean female thro and thro but the male version too dull or too opinionated for me

    just my thoughts

    Any Taurean male reading this please dont slate me for this they make lovely partners for other signs but just not for us then again I expect Taurus women will email now to say they have lovely relationship with T males!!

  • PS I have a lot of close Leo female friends including my lovely mum. I always thought Leo and Taurus was a brilliant match both in female and in males. Read Linda Goodman love signs and look up Taurus Woman with Leo man it will reveal a lot (unless you have read it already of course)

  • Honestly, I think that the bare-bones astrology match ups don't have enough information to be accurate. They don't take into account your rising or moon signs, which have a lot to do with your personality. Like, Cancer and Aries are supposed to be too different to get along, and two of my best friends who I've known for 14 years are cancers. Plus the guy I currently like is a cancer, and we seem to get along great. Oh and one of my other really good friends is a cancer. LOL, and the list goes on.

    But I think that's because my moon is in cancer, so I can relate to them much easier. But the simple ones where you just enter your zodiac sign wouldn't be able to tell you that.

  • Hi, I think we are looking for certain qualities in people. For example I like people who talk a lot and are carefree. I also like quiet types who are detail-oriented. A sincere, honest person will usually be w/you in the long run. My best friends are those most compatible (according to astrology) and the least compatible.

  • Dalia

    I agree but I do find that if you look at lovers close friends and family there is a definite tendency to feel happy around people with specific star signs and that cannot be a coincidence. I agree with previous poster that signs rising and moon signs play a hugely important part in compatability.

    But I have found certain astrology sign bearers come and go in my life with obvious frequency. Same for lovers and close friendships same signs keep cropping up its almost as if you are drawn to or draw towards you certain astrological signs. Karma.... it has to be!! Comforting though.

  • Bullbeach

    one further thing....... I have always found huge empathy understanding and immediate friendship with fellow female Taureans its almost instantaneous and on many occasions I have almost known straight away that another female is Taurus.. I think we have a huge alliance with females born under our same astrological sign regardless of sun and moon signs I have never met a Taurean female I didnt have an enormous understanding of.....

  • Thats true....all my really close female friends are either cancer or gemini. My dad and my brother are also gemini. And, I recently realized that all my close guy friends that I made in school are libra's! Literally all of them! it really freaked me out. Oh...damn and now that I think about it, I have a lot of fellow Aries friends. But thats about it. I don't think I've ever really known a taurus, capricorn, sag, pisces or aquarius....

  • Hmmm interesting.. Just something I observed a long time ago that I seem to come across and make close relationships with the same group of birth signs and now you say the same!! Be interesting to see if this has happened to other people.

    So everyone look at your family friends husbands wives girlfriends and bouyfriends and acquaintances.... is there a pattern? Do you seem to form close bonds with specific astrological signs??

    Like you Libran poster there are certain signs I dont know much about interestingly I dont know any Librans male of female not properly anyway and you day the same about Taureans....!!!

  • MariaRia

    apologies just realised you are Aries not Libra sorry

    Now female bull and male ram not gd tried it once too many locked horns no way it worked for me but female Arians I get on really well with!!!!!

  • I know what you mean but to be fully compatible might have to know their rising sing, love sign and where the planets were at the time of birth, i've looked up mine in no way am i a typical capricorn i was born on the cusp of capricorn and sagistarius, my love sign is scorpio but i've got aquarius, libra and aries (huh) influence so i am bit of commitment phobe but with lots of fire at times and no good with money. In ways of family feel i'm pulled in several directions, check out for some guidance though if in doubt and my advice get to know the person you are to yourself before judging others and if things aren't working or you having doubts go by your instincts before its too late and just keep them as friends or aquaintences.

  • Well I am a Gemini, sun sign, and moon...Talk about a double whammy!!!

    It has been my experience that I get along quite well with taurean women, but not so good with taurean males. I have had good relationships with Leo's, Pieces, Cancers, Libra's, Scorpio's,

    and Virgo's. Interesting....I do not do well with Sags, or Aquarious.

  • Does anyone find it strange how thoroughly different the males and females are of any sign? Like, obviously men and women are, in themselves, complete opposites...but seeing as they're the same sign shouldn't they have the same characteristics? Like, the cancer man i know is NOTHING like my female cancer friends. None of them are moody, they don't play weird emotional games, they have no phobia of commitment what-so-ever and they easily get over heartbreak. The only similarity I see is that they hide behind shells and don't let anyone see their super sensitive side.

    I think maybe this is also what effects compatibility. Like, maybe an aries man and a cancer woman would never be able to be together, but flipped, it could work. I have no idea if that's a good example, but hopefully you all see what I mean. I feel like someone may have mentioned this....

  • My sister is with a Taures. In the beginning he was nice. Now, he is rude, arrogant, selfish, & well, not a very nice person at all.

  • MariaRia

    yes I agree with u......... see my comments on page 1 of this blog... there is a distince difference in astrological signs between the sexes

    I am very attracted to Scorpio men but in the females this brings out a rivalry and competitiveness... in me........... someone asked me about Taurean men..well they are so different to the Taurean female!! SO yes definite difference!!

  • Wow, not much love on this forum for taurus males! I'm kinda glad i've never met one, now.

    LOL, you know, I just realized my grandmother is a Taurus. She is very oppinionated, not so much rude...but she can be a little arrogant and very fickle. Actually what am I saying...she can be totally rude, too. But she's a sweet woman, honest 😄

  • Oops, okay so it was you, Nefratiti, who mentioned it before. Sorry 😄

  • MariaRia

    yeah it gets a bit confusin this as sometimes we are all replying to different things which may have originally arisen from various questions that why I have started to reply to people's avatars as it does get confusin..!!!!! In the end what starts off as one question ends up with loads of different topics coming up which is actually really kool.... I love this site I am really new but I think its great

    hey your Grandmother sound a bit like me bless her when is her birthday out of interest??

    She sounds a sweetie tho......... we are nice people generally we are fiercely loyal and very committed to those we love ...... we do have strong idea on stuff but then so do a lot of other astrological signs... so there you go..... u do know a Taurean lady after all!!!

  • Thanks you so much everyone for replying to this. I remember long ago reading about 3 different types of personality within the same sign depending on where they were born in that month of that sign. Very confusing, I know. lol

    For example my bday is april 27th which is close to the starting phase of Taurus which shows that I can be bossy at home, sensitive, and more bull headed since I'm closer to the Aries phase. My best friend who was born May 15 was always the class clown, go with the flow type chick but very organize. More so than I where she color coordinates her clothes. Yea, it's that serious. lol That's my girl.:) Has anyone else heard of this thought as well?

  • Hi Nefratiti

    I thought maybe it was me or that's how nasty I really am and Taurus men are a reflection of that. I just remembered my college friend who is a Taurus has always been nice BUT I never REALLY hung out with him to know him. When we were stationed in G.A I met a Gemini (female) and Taurus (male) married couple. Now me the wife got along great. Her Gemini way came out a few times with her comment about my son's hair and what she thought of ppl living in poor neighborhoods but other than that party girl in her own way Her husband on the other hand was a real ass. Just some things he would say with such an attitude once we got to know each other. But our mutual Aquarius friend she would give it right back in her witty kind of way. 🙂

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