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  • Hi! I recently did a Celtic cross reading. I asked the Tarot what kind of future relationship did it see between me and a friend i like. My friend seems to be in love with another person and i haven't told him i like him. The reading results were as follows:

    1. Ace of Coins

    2. Page of Cups

    3. 10 of Cups

    4. King of Cups

    5. Temperance (future position, I think).

    6. Ace of Cups (Past position?)

    7. 3 of swords

    8. 10 of swords

    9. 9 of cups

    10. 2 of cups.

    Any help with interpretation would be appreciated. Thanks and blessings to all!

  • Well from the looks of it (assuming none of them are in reverse/upside down) you two will start a relationship at some point.

  • Thanks. no reversals, I try to always shuffle them upright but sometime a card or two get upside down. I was worried about the 10 of swords, and thought that maybe the page of cups meant that love is not mature yet (as the king of cups), or just could be another love interest.

  • Hi Vitral-

    first of all you cannot manipulate the cards, by putting them in upright position. You need to scramble them first, and let the fall into whatever position they want to fall.

    Secondly is not recommended that you do your own reading.

    I asked Tarot myself the potential for a love affair with this "friend" and the answer at this time is NO. I suggest you wait until later, if you want to have any success. Besides you already know he is with someone already. You can only WAIT for this relationship to end first, and then see your chances. If you pursue him now, you will lose your chance for Later, when he may be interested. Trust me on this one, do not do anything now.

  • Hi HPriestess!

    Thanks for the advice and the reading! I'm just a starting to read the Tarot so I have a lot to learn. I will wait and hope the next year clears thing out. Best wishes for the new year!

  • This post is deleted!

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