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  • Hi,

    My husband and I put a contract on a short sale home and received an accepted offer from the bank with a stipulation that we close by the end of the year. The problem is there are 2 loan officers wanting to write the mortgage. I am soooo torn on which to pick? I was initially working with one person and the listing agent suggested someone else who would be able to close fast.

    The question is should I go with who I feel is right? And will we close on this home? I am beyond stressed out over all of this mess and so worried everything will work out okay.

  • Dear fuchsiafirefly,

    You should go with your intutition and go with the first one, they will write it just as fast as the second one will believe as they all want the cash . You will enjoy your new home as I feel it is in a nice area with some privicy and it feels like a long drive way for some reason here. I feel that there is some yellow around the house or in the house on the walls and this is a wonderful color for this home. It will bring joy and sunshine to you and yours. If there is a stairway be sure to close it off from small children and older animals.

    The stress will melt away in one week as your plans will begin to fall in place and more at a faster rate. The move will go fairly smooth as I feel a lot of help involved with it. The yard around the house will be of rich soil and grow grass well and even a garden of flowers or veggies is what I get here. You will like your neighbors although they seen a ways down the road here. I feel horses around in the summer also.

    You will be very happy in the new year in this home.

    Merry Christmas


  • Thanks Shuabby!

    I do feel peace there:-)) Something I have longed for! Yellow is on the kitchen walls. Wow! My daughter is pregnant and due April 30th! I will put up baby gates! Gardening is my passion.

    Thanks so much for the advice!

    Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year:-))

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