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  • Hey Everyone I just want to say Merry Christmas to all, I just want to say something and maybe somone will understand me... I am 30 years old 4 beautiful children and married to a man whom I think my life will work with if I get over what the past brought to the future. I love my husband with all my heart he may not be the best of the best but he is who he is and I love him. I have had so many ups and downs in my life that somedays I know I am strong enough to over come anything in my life and yet other days I want to walk away from it all and give up.. Lately my world has changed for the best I have a beautiful house, great job, money and my kids are happy again after everything we have been through this last year!! I have come a long long ways to get to where I am now and I dont want to screw it up! My son is going to be living with me finally after 2 long years in state care and I am so excited to have him with me and him not being abused anymore... I am Happy, to an extent.. I am accomplishing my goals with having the things I want and need and I am going to college and doing something with my life. My mother was NEVER there for me and I grew up raising myself. It has been a long road and It dont seem to be going in the wrong direction anymore. I think this last year I hit rock bottom and went through things I swore I would never do.In the end it ends up I have to be a step mother to a child I am not happy about as my husband made a huge mistake, I have delt with it knowing that If I love this man I need to be there for him and this child coming into my life he has rest assured me that he is not going anywhere so I am trying so hard to trust in his words. Our relationship has grown so much and I love it... My fears are that I will lose him he will leave me and I will be alone forever. I have asked on this forum about being pregnant as I have wanted a baby now for 3 years yet everyone wont answer me truthfully which is ok but deep down I wonder why is it fair that some other women gets to have MY husbands last baby?! I just felt like writting today... Will someone give me a reading to tell me what 2011 will bring me and my family?! If there is any more children in my future someday and if I will continue to be happy and be ok?! Thank you all so much for letting me vent!!

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  • I know, you probably, "are irritated", with me, and that's "allright", first, understand, "Charmed" and I, are "soul-friends", probably, related, certainly, "Karmic-Sisters", from other "times/lives", and I will, always, be there, for her, in what ever way, She needs me, to be; but, you are, suffering, and, it bothers, me, alot; (ChrissiCat, "you, are, Trully, a brave, courageous Soul! Dear God/god!.......I, couln't do what, you've done, unless, it meant, "put roof, over, my dear, fur-family, and I have, done that!......)Jenna29, if you have, "4 beautiful children", possibly, a 5th, beautiful, "step-child", devote, your energies, there, please, for them, and you; I think, this "baby" thing, is more, about, "keeping" it's Father; you knowww, it doesn't, work, like, that; "it" works, based, on you/yours, that's, all! Children, regretably, do not, marriage, make; in the "wrong" circumstance, can" break" 'sorry, to intrude/well, meant! Grace, Cat in the Moon

  • For some strange reason, I feel the NEED to write this..........wanting something so desperately can hinder what is and what will be.

    A child does not need to come from your womb to need a mother figure in his/her life. Even if the mother figure has to show a side of herself that is hard. ie....mothering another woman's child, keeping and fostering peace, love and support.

    Birthing children is not the end all be all to parenting. Nor is a blood relationship.

    For wherever and why ever these words came to be, I hope you consider them......meditate on them...

    Love and Light,


  • I have to add, after reading farther, of course this child would need could that even be an option? Ok, so you love him, can you also love his child that is not yours? BC regardless of what you feel or he feels, that child WILL NEED TO HAVE ALL THE LOVE IN HIS/HER life that they can get?

    That child is the true victim here. I am not trying to be mean at all..........but this child is innocent of wrongs. Did not ask to be created and brought into this.

    For whatever reason, this child's life is coming to me as a test for you and your spouse. Please, do right by this child.

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  • Jenna - not judging you.......not at asked for someone to please read, I did and I gave you what I received as a response. A test is not bad.......and again....judgement is not being passed......nor is jumping.

    If you seek answers from the spirits, you need to be open to receive what they have to say........

    You are right, it is not fair..but it IS a, in an odd way, you and this child are in the same boat, which gives you an edge, since you are an adult and have wisdom and love to share...

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  • I do understand, I said that. Yes you are a good woman........I have NO clue why those words were impressed on me. But they were. The same as you have no clue why you are having to go through your pain, but you are.

    That is just life. people who make decisions, whether good or bad that effect other people. Like you and this unborn child. Does that make sense? Do you see the correlation?

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  • Two things, not really my advice, just words that came for YOU. That matters.....a bunch.

    Second thing, you were venting, but you were venting bc you are hurt, and that MATTERS as well.....a higher power wants you to find comfort and peace.

    You deserve that.

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  • Jenna29

    I was sad to read that you are still "stuck" and crying for help when you have been given the best of the best advice. You are stubborn to the point of blindness. And Taurus7 please click on her name and read all the old posts and save your energy--This "victim" is determined to do things her way or no way--even though it obviousely is not working. Please do not be offended when you ask for the triuth here and get it. We are not being cruel--we are trying hard for you to wake up--you can't change the past but you can make better desicions for the future--get out of your own pain and needs and think of others---take the high road and remember that child is a real soul--innocent and does not deserve the resentment you let fester--you will not find the peace you crave untill you rid yourself of victim mentality and let go of your anger--stop dwelling on what is lost and start an energy of greatfulness--count your blessings. LOVE is the power that will turn it all around--great every challange from a place of LOVE and life will love you back. BLESSINGS!

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  • with, "all, this Light&Love", constantly, "floating", around, this site, all the time("nothing", wrong, with that, mind you! Good Thing..........), especially, 2 days, before, Christmas, which, in itself, is so difficult, for so many, for so long, in so, many ways, perhaps, (non religious, here, just saying....) this, is suppose, to be a time of, Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity, with, or without rememberance, "of The Tiny Babe", of Bethlehem........"The Betrayals, Torment, Brutality, Cruxifiction, and Death" are, suppose, to come, a little later...... I believe, and I come bearing, a "gift", " Be careful, of the words, you speak! for you never know, from day-to-day, which ones, you'll, have to eat! Words, are much, like little birds! once, you let them go, you can never, get them back" Merry Christmas, Jenna29, You/Yours..... Cat in the Moon

  • Be careful, of the words, you speak! for you never know, from day-to-day, which ones, you'll, have to eat! Words, are much, like little birds! once, you let them go, you can never, get them back"

    How very true those words very true....

  • Hi Jenna, To begin noone on here has the right to judge you. Mistakes happen. Sometimes in our search for self, we make decisions that seem right action at the time. The feel good moments. In time we realize they may not have been the best decisions. For those times we must LEARN to forgive ourselves. By beginning that process, we learn to forgive the actions of others who are important to us. Forgive, truly forgive yourself and your husband and you will understand that this new baby is a result of both of your decisions, but not the cause. He/she is.. and will always be. Once you have learned to accept yourself in it's role, you'll learn to accept him/her, and yes you'll learn to love her/him because it is a prt of your husband. If you love him like you say you do, you'll love that part of him too.

    For now work on your relationship with you. Then work on your relationship with your hubby. Really focus on your relationship and learn the utmost in forgiveness and love. I have a feeling, everything will work out for the greater. Stand strong by his side. If he loves you he will stand strong by yours and you guys will make it. REMEMBER!! No blame! No angry words or hostilities, no finger pointing. Accept and heal. Gods peace, love and light over your life and that of your family!

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