Gemini couldn't answer if we were together or not

  • Ok, over a month ago, i was living with my flat mate (female gemini) and i'm a taurus male. We had so much in common, fitness, views on life, we both into spirituality and growing as a person, very centred ppl. It as like a match made in heaven. we both agreed we had a deep bond and just touching each other it was hard to let each other go. She is 27, i'm 30.

    Anyhow, everyday for 3 weeks we spend at least 2-5 hours kissing, she wanted to hold off on sex. We agreed we never kissed anyone so much and the chemical was amazing. Everything was going so well until one night i came home drunk and was being stupid. She has been in an abusive relationship with a guy 1 1/2 years ago that got drunk and hit her. She open up to me and told me this and i was calm the whole time. Before bed i went up to her room and said, ok u seen me drunk and i'm all calm and i would never hurt u, count this as a good thing.

    She wanted some space in the house which we didn't talk for another 4 days where she said she wanted to break up and move out. I told her ok, if that is what u wanted that's ok with me and she wanted to date. Anyhow, she changed her mind and didn't want to break up and i told her to give it a week and if she wants to move out that's fine.

    Anyhow, 2 days later, we had a talk and she was moving out that day, i was happy and said fine we are over. Anyhow i came back later and she told me she has been crying all week and broke down at work and didn't want to break up with me. she really put her feelings on the table and we agreed to catch up the next day.

    The next day i wanted space and cancelled, talked the next day, everything was cool. Didn't talk for the next couple days, it was fine than 2 days later she sms when i was out but i didn't get back to her later. That day i ask her if she wanted to catch up tonight (1 week later after moving out), i rang her twice and the whole day she didn't get back to me. I sms her and ask ok, u having second thoughts, if u are, let me know so i can get some closure. She said she has allot on her mind and needs space. i sms her back saying but we are ok? she didn't reply.

    the next day she msg me saying how are u, what have u been doing and up to this week. i didn't call her until 4 days later. We talked but she was a little cold, i asked about us and she said we need to talk about it in person on saturday (2 days).

    Anyhow, the night before she was out having a big night, i sms her saying 'ive been giving up smoking and want to prepare if the news is bad tomorrow or good, can u let me know now, can't sleep' i rang her, no answer and 1 hour later and she sms me back saying

    'what's up'

    i replied "u get my sms?"

    she said 'yes'

    after 10 mins i said ....

    she didn't reply for 30 mins so i sms her saying, that's the 4th time i asked u if we are ok and u can't answer a simple question, you are being 2 distant and playing games, i've had enough, it's over.

    i haven't heard from her in 24 hours....

  • This girl really does need her space - she is still very wary and confused from her last bad relationship. She doesn't trust easily now. You need to back off completely and don't contact her unless she contacts you first. Be very cool and casual becasue she may eventually decide she doesn't want to be with you. So get on with your life and don't be waiting around on the off chance she may come back. Geminis like their freedom and don't like it when things get too heavy.

  • That's why i dumped her first on the phone before coming over! Better to be the dumper than the dumpee!

  • And i only spoke to her twice during the whole week, how much space does a gemini need?

  • Try not contacting her for a month. Twice a week may seem a lot to her.

  • once a month, how can u build a relationships with contact once a month? I find most relationships cause we are busy this day, u should make the effort to catch up at least once a week!

  • Yes, that might be what you want, but your friend might not. You have to pull back and let her contact you when she wants to. If you push her, she will dump you altogether. You must be considerate of her past and her feelings if you want to earn her trust.

  • I can normally do so when i first meet someone but spending everyday together for a month for hours on end (living together), than, goodbye i'm moving out now... it's was hard to adapt that's why i wanted space the first week to myself where she was chasing me and the second week, it was the other way around once i had my space. it's an easy answer, if u want to be with someone, u should already know in your heart! i'm more than happy to give her space as she knows and proven this!

  • It's not that easy - this girl has been hurt badly before so is finding it hard to trust. I don't think you are really thinking about it from her side.

    You didn't really back of for all that long though, did you? Just a week...

  • yeh, first week i backed off, second week she backed off.

    the question is, if this happens in the future do i want the headache of dealing with it again, i'm thinking of me here and it's best to move forward without her. she is a great girl, never felt this way and connected with a girl like this in a long time but i dont want the headache again, she will continue to do the same thing in future!

    ill get through this but i had feeling the pain of a breakup!

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