• Hi all,

    I just HAD to post this up. I, like a lot of us, am wondering if love will come my way in 2011 or will I be waiting for another year? Am feeling a bit lost about this and also am not sure if there is something I need to be doing in order to achieve it. My ex has met someone else and I guess I'm feeling like it might be my turn sometime soon? Or is that merely wishful thinking ... sigh

    Thanks for any and all insights :))



  • Chris, I feel you are being too idealistic and not realistic enough in your relationship agenda. I think you are looking for the perfect partner and a perfect love match, but nothing is perfect in this world. Your expectations are way too high and guys sense this and move away from you. And all you end up with is disappointment when your partner turnes out to be only mortal after all.

    Now i'm not saying you should be settling for just anyone who comes along but you do need to adjust your inner compass so that it is set for "much potential' rather than 'perfection'. This romantic ideal you have been searching for has blinded you to some honest good guys who - with a little work - could scrub up just fine. 🙂 It's not that you have even met and rejected them, either - you don't even attract them because of your impossibly high standards.

    Basically my dear, you have to start looking for a real man, rather than a dream man. Once you adjust your ' rose-coloured love glasses' to a more earthy hue, you will be totally gobsmacked at how popular you will become and how really nice the men are who will flock to you.

  • Thanks Captain,

    On thinking about this, I do believe I was looking for a man like the one I'd been dreaming of. I honestly don't believe I have impossibly high standards, but at the same time, until recently I'd been looking for someone like the one I'd been dreaming of as I said above, and I guess that's been clouding my attitude towards others. I had consciously decided I had no criteria after all; I just merely want someone I click with on as many levels as possible.

    Anyway, will see what 2011 brings! AGain, thank you for taking the time to respond to this 🙂




  • "I just merely want someone I click with on as many levels as possible."

    Could it be you are really looking for yourself?

  • Compatibility without dependency is what I'm looking for. A relationship that complements my life without taking it over. I don't feel quite ready yet, but it's not far off ... I feel that 🙂

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