Dreaming about my ex?

  • My ex and I are over for like 2 months now and I am sure I have no feelings for him and that I already like someone new. I am not thinking about my ex at all but then lately I have been seeing him in my dreams every night it is either he is upset or is trying to get back with me. this is annoying me cause I want to forget him and move on, why am I having dreams about him?

  • There's something he wants to say to you. Give him a hearing, either for real or in your dreams. This is part of the process of letting go. Stick to your guns, but at the same time, let him talk to you. I feel you both shared a very important part of both your lives and that he lives in a small part of your heart even now. Go with it, don't fight it and it will gradually leave you.

    Hope this helps!



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