Ex boyfriend spread interpretation

  • I did a spread about my now exboyfriend who broke up with me last night. It's not the first time we've broken up, but it doesn't make me any less sure that he's the one I was meant to spend my life with. I need some help with the cards, here's the spread.

    past of relationship: chariot (reversed)

    where I am now: king of cups

    where he is now: 7 of wands

    what I feel about getting back together: 8 of swords

    what he feels about getting back together: 5 of swords

    who or what opposes what I want: 2 of wands (reversed)

    who or what can help me get what I want: strength

    something I may not know about the situation: the sun

    outcome: lovers

  • You probably broke up the first time because the relationship was in a mess, the chariot reversed shows lack of control or total chaos in a situation. Everything is just going wild with their own agendas there is no clear path. Because you have king of cups i assume this chaos is one sided. I confirm when i see that he has 7 of wands which shows him feeling restricted and pushed to a corner, he may react harshly because of this. You know that since this is not the first time you two have broken up that getting back together would only restrict any form of progress, in a way the relationship can go no further. He feels that getting back together may be unwise and that it would be better to retreat and live a separate life. Since both of you feel that way, what's opposing you is the fact that you can hardly see a future together and that the support of the 2 of wands is not there. It may be hard but that is where strength comes in, it will be scary and painful however one must go through fires in their lives to grow, it could even be for the better offering a bright future if you are not together. Lovers is not just a card of Love, it is one of Commitment, Trust and Sacrifice. It looks like this will demand a sacrifice from both of you and like the sun, this sacrifice is not to destroy you but to give you a better perspective

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