Is there some kind of stone that wards off 'cancers'?

  • Because if anyone knows of one, I shall go out and buy it right away and never, ever take it off.

    I swear I'd never had a Cancer romantic interest until the first one, and now they haunt me. I just started talking to this guy, had no idea what his star sign was (and honestly, despite believing in it I didn't think it mattered) and then he started acting distinctly cancerian. Like...making a date with me, acting like he was all up for it, and then cancelling because he was 'sick'. I'm extremely wary of this kind of behavior now, so I wanted to write him off right away but my friends convinced me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Fine, i did. But then when it came to making a second date he was all "oh, well, I have this and this so it wont be for another two weeks." Again, alarm bells, I wanted to run and again my friends told me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Fine. Clearly my friends had never had the run through with a cancer before, LOL.

    So, I said "alright, well, how about 'this' day?" and he replied that he wasnt sure what he was doing so he was going to leave it as 'tentative'. Again, alarm bells. But I was like alright, fine, but by the time you make up your mind I'll probably be taken up for that day 😉 And then I asked him if he wasn't opposed to meeting up on a weekday, I promised him I wouldn't keep him up past his bedtime....

    No answer. It's been ten days. Yah. Now, I know this could technically be ANY star sign, except that I did tarot card readings and they've told me he's "scared" because he "really likes me" and "was hurt before" and "is debating whether or not he wants to make an emotional investment". LOL. We havent even met yet...what if we cant stand each other? It's just hilarious, it really is.

    So, does this not smell like a Cancer or am I just scarred from The Experience and jumping the Cancer Gun? It's a shame, cause we had SO MUCH IN COMMON and he's extremely good looking and intelligent. We seriously talked about everything under the sun, and now he's gone and disappeared. Oh well. I'm not putting up with this crazy drama a second time, so I shall not be contacting him again, and if he waits another week before contacting me (if he ever does) I dont know how receptive i'll be. Ugh. Wwwwhhhhyyyy?

    i also 'dated' a Taurus and it was magical. He was SO blunt, so upfront, so heart swelled. Unfortunately he just got out of a long term relationship and was in no way, shape or form looking for commitment. Which I am. So....we're stuck. LOL. I'm sad.

    So, is there a necklace that attracts Taurus's???

  • Hi MariaRia,

    First, I don't read signs and I don't know much about any signs but mine. But I am not a cancer. I know a lot of mom, my ex'es, my coworkers... Based on my limited understanding of the cancerians, they are moody and they are clouded with their pessimism.

    Don't wait on this dude and don't take his behaviors personal! He is probably too wrapped up by his own issues of negativity. Why waste time wanting to meet him, being stood up and then guessing why he did that? Go out and have fun! The Cancerians are so moody and it will drive you (or anybody) if we were to explain why they feel down every time they do that. Just my 2 cents.


  • Oh yah, for sure. I'm still dating around, and I dont know him well enough to be too sulky about his silliness, I guess I was just frustrated and needed to vent, LOL! Also, really, what a waste of a perfectly good man. He's got so much going for him and then he goes and messes it all up by being sulky and emotional. Pooh!! Pooh, I say.

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