Capain, hans, paddi and suabby or anyone else. COuld you do a reading

  • My brother has been a lady for years but in 2007 they had a big argument because my brother caught her telling another man about their relationship and she was seeing that guy. She then moved back to the islands where her family and my fam lives. She told my fam her side of the story and by chance said that her mother said she would give him "the soup" ( a way to put bad spirits on him/ voodoo......) My mother then said WHAT? then she said it was a joke. My brother came and was trying to get back with her. My mother told him not to eat or bathe by them he did not listen. he decided to move back to the islands. When he was moving back. He was staying by a hotel offered by his new job. he invited me to come over, i went when i got back home my mother as who all was there. I said my brothers gf whole family was there. They were having a party there. Drama Drama Drama.. ... My brother started to act strange...... So my mother was curious to know if they did what they said they would do. We went to a spiritual guy as it turns out they did. They also did it to me.... She has always been jealous of me strangely.....She is also trying to tear my family apart etc.... She wishes bad on us. Since she did that I've had ups and downs where my career and studies would be off track but also my love life. In the summer,I've gotten a spiritiual guy to take off some of the demons but time ran out and i didnt get the chance to take off all of them. I would like tips on how I could chase them away. I also have dreams about my brother from time to time thats referring to the situation. Where i would tell him and he wouldnt believe me. We did tell him but he does not believe such. We've seen a drastic change in him ever since.

    I would also know if anyone of you guys could see what she's up to now and trying to do.

  • i don't know what all is needed by my bd: 25-05-90

  • Gemmi90, I already told you I am not going to go anywhere near voodoo becasue it freaks me out. Maybe someone else can help you!


  • i posted this before, i went on your other blog.....

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