Shuabby please help

  • My friend is going through a hard time at the moment. His dob is 10/9/85 can u tell me how things might possibly play out?

    Thanks for your time. i really appreciate all the time u take to do this.

  • Dear Nena1986,

    Your friend will do OK as soon as he puts his head into what is making things go wrong for him. He has to own up to the part he is playing in his life and what he needs to do to turn things around for himself. He has friends that may not be of the best influence upon him, yet he does have the right to say no to them and make a new set of friends.

    He feels like a free spirit to me and he wants to only play by his set of rules in which he can if he has his own business, even than though the universal laws come into play.

    Time for him to grow up in 2011 and people will help him to do so. He will have to change most everything that he thinks and does in this new year and it will help him in fullfilling his dreams. I hear a few names around him : Charlie, Christine, Nona and Liz and Piper and Rory. These people will play a pivitol part in his new beginnings in 2011.

    He will be a changed and much happier person through life lessons learned at the end of 2011.

    Change is good


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