Can someone help me with romantic compatibility?

  • Her: Aries/Taurus Cusp, Moon in Virgo, Venus in Gemini.

    Him: Saggitarius/Capricorn Cusp, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Saggitarius

  • Exact birthdates, please?

  • On a general note: Your Venus signs are in opposite signs of the zodiac, but you share some similarities. Both of you are lovers of freedom in your relationships, and neither of you will turn down the chance for a stimulating conversation. Although there isn't always a "meeting of minds" between you two, there definitely will be some passionate discussions. Both of you are somewhat restless, neither lasting long in a relationship that is confining or stuffy. Venus in Sag tends to be more passionate than Venus in Gem in terms of beliefs and visions, sometimes to the point of expecting his partner to adopt the same belief systems, but you both share a common love of fun and humor in love. Unless there are strong supporting aspects in synastry, the relationship may be broken impulsively. Both of you benefit from a partner who grounds you and reminds you of the long term. You may not find these qualities in each other. Your partner values honesty from a lover, while you value mental exchanges, period. Restlessness in partnership is something you both share, and it's best that you try to channel that energy into shared activities, such as traveling, instead of finding holes in your relationship. Remembering that opposites often do attract, this relationship is certainly workable if neither of you clings to your ways self-righteously. Learning from each other, and trying to strike a balance, will pay off. Together, you can easily become inspired.

  • Thank you Captain! The birthdates are Her: 4/22/75 and Him 12/20/77

  • Sensitivities run high in this relationship, which will involve a tendency to hide irritations and true feelings only to reveal them periodically in startling fashion. For good and bad, the relationship is characterized by strong emotions. This is partly because the combinations's energy rarely focuses on the mundane, practical aspects of life. It is either directed completely outside the relationship (at the world at large) or internally at the relationship itself, which will inevitably begin to crack under the strain.

    The woman here will be disturbed by the relationship's silences and suppressive aspects, for she likes up-front attitudes about thoughts and feelings. The man will tend to hide his true personality, and she may come to see this as sneaky and manipulative. Positive relations between them, then, are usually unlikely or impossible; an adversarial role is much more common in this combination. As far as love is concerned, deep sympathy or compassion is unlikely to appear here, yet there is often an attraction. Sexual relations of a passionate but often unfeeling nature may result but, unless variations or deviations are introduced, the relationship is likely to burn out fast. Often however, the powerful sexuality of each person is never called into play in the first place, for both of them think better than to get involved.

    Marriage or business relations are unlikely in this combination. Although this pair do have qualities in common, they intuitively understand that involvement in any permanent situation could invite disaster. The woman will find the man's lack of business sense appalling and he may see her as a cruel or unfeeling tyrant. The woman at first finds the man intriguing and fascinating and will seek him out for his advice and to learn more about his experiences. But she will quickly learn that any sort of relationship with him is not likely to be productive or fulfilling.

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