Does he really love me

  • Morning everyone.

    Im desperate to know what is happening with the guy Ive been seeing for the last few years.

    I have never had a true love and have been so lonely most of my life...The last few years have with him have been so amazing. Most of the time I feel like I have renewed his faith that love can happen and be good to him as he has been hurt badly 3 times but sometimes I wonder if he really does love me?

    There is this girl that seems to always over shadow our relationship from nearly 30 years he still in love with her ?

    Am I just someone for him to be with ...for now until he can be with her? And are we going to be together for a long time? Do you see the name Lisa in our lives still or has she finally gone away?

    Its a lot of questions but I am a nervous need to put all the peices in place virgo!

    Thank you for your time

  • This is the astrology section so you need to post birthdates for comparison.

  • Im so sorry I forgot completely... Me 8-28-66 him 2-1-62 the person in between us 6-29-63

    Thank you!

  • You're a Leo, he's Aquarius which are opposites in the Zodiac (which can be a good match) and she's Cancer. There are bookstores with the information you want to know, check them out!

  • You and your partner: friendship, a love affair, and marriage in this combination has a tremendous drive and spirit, surmounting social disapproval and scattering critics right and left. Admittedly this can seem a peculiar choice of partnership, even to you two yourselves, but you both acknowledge no laws but your own, which gives you a chance to overcome personal differences and difficulties. Your relationship can often move between friendship, a love affair and marriage - and back again, as if you don't recognise the boundaries that other people have in their relationships. Passive and active, masculine and feminine, extrovert and introvert attitudes can quickly be switched here as well. This emotional versatility with which you shift roles gives you two a chance to stay in each other's lives for years. Even if your love match doesn't work out (which is often what happens here), you will probably retain your friendship. The focus of your relationship is often really about promoting a cause, one powered by tremendous, almost inexhaustible energies. Yet fun and structure are also built into the relationship's endeavours. Your partner certainly can show you something about learning to let go, kick back and have fun, while you can teach him a great deal about how to order his life more efficiently.

    Your partner and his ex: this pair are more like siblings than lovers. Romantic impulses can be severely blunted by an overly mental orientaton here so a love affair is not likely or would not last. The relationship has a natural tendency to be analytical and to flex its mind power. This can lead to negative criticism - nagging, complaining and other energy-draining activities that wear both people down. The attraction here is thinking up delightful means of enjoyment and entertainment. There is an undeniably hedonistic attitude between this pair. However, the woman is more prone to worrying and complaining than the man. If her criticisms and nagging reach too high a level, the man may well think that the relationship is not worth the effort. Together this pair are very critical and even destructive towards others. Quite capable of bringing people down with their insightful but penetrating barbs, they may be notorious for puncturing overinflated egos. This overindulgence can make them quite unpopular in their social circle or families and they should cultivate more kindness, diplomacy and consideration towards others.

  • wow, you just told me about our relationship as if you knew both of us! and her well shes just like you said but is also so pushy to the point of uncomfortable.

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me makes me feel better

    Thank you Captain....Happy Holidays!

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