This is spooking me! What's going on?

  • This has been going on for years but lately it's happening everyday. Random things. I might crave certain food all day long ,and then, my Cancer hubby comes in and asks me to cook it.... because he's been thinking about it all day long. He will leave ,and I won't see him all day, but he'll come in a be singing a song I had stuck in my head. It won't even be the type of music he listens to. I do the same stuff to him. Something random will pop in my head and we will both blurt it out at the exact same time! It's beginning to freak me out. It wouldn't freak me out so bad if it wasn't so random. Other people notice it because it happens so much. What's going on and why is this happening? We had a lot of problems in the past and we worked through it. Now this! He says it's because I truly am his other half , so ,it would only be natural that this is happening. Is it possible to be too much alike? Should I be worried?

  • Something else, (and I know I sound incredibly insane) but one day we were listening to a song. Since he plays music, for a moment I pictured him preforming that song. Out of nowhere he said," Babe, I can't sing like that. I can't do that song. His voice is deeper than mine." , as if I had said something to him. I said NOTHING out loud, had my back to him and we hadn't spoken in almost an hour. I had only pictured him playing that song for a moment. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I know I sound like I need medication!

  • Yes, I have similar experiences with my s.o. You mentioned that you had some problems earlier on, I think this shows that you have both come out of these problems and are finally in tune with each other. It’s especially strong for Neptunian influenced relationships or even highly watery influenced individuals. I actually find it quite intriguing. There are certainly no secrets that you can keep from each other! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • i have a TON of water in my chart. I met a Pisces and instantly felt a connection. Not just romantic but deeper, you know. I could pick up his thoughts and would pluck random things out of his head. I got this terrible pain in my side one day and later found out he had fallen at work.

    Sometimes, he doesn't even have to turn around to know when I've walked into a room, he can just sense me. We can also sense each other from miles away and it can be very overwhelming to the point if I'm driving I need to pull over or I'm going to hit something.

    When it first started happening I freaked out and read all I could on the subject. twin flames, soul mates and the like. my conclusion... i think it's a watery thing.

    now that i've calmed down, i just try to cherish it for what it is... a connection that can not be matched, and enjoy. it's still creepy though and ya there is no lying to each other.

    sounds like you two are on the 'same page'

    i'm a cancer

  • I'm so relieved to know that we aren't the only ones this happens to! I thought I was going nuts! It happened again today. You guys might be on to something with the water thing. I have two other Pisces and two other Cancers in my life besides my husband and we seem to have similar things happen between us also. Not to the extent that my better half and I do but enough to raise some eyebrows.

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