Inspired By My Main Man Today I WISH .......

  • i WISH I was with my man where he is n or that he was where i am. That means no go anywhere today lol ah well ...............................

    OH HELLLIVIVVAAAAASSSSSS no plane on sky, ..................RATZYTATS!!!!

  • Today I WISH:

    1. That I am able to awake next to my man, n watch him sleep n awake too

    2. that my man once awake will smile n bring me closer n well hehehehehhe

    3. I WISH i was at home

    4. That I´d get to talk to my man in person n on phone

    5. that i could strip of the contraption called bra

    6. that i was in the usa visiting all of my friends while doing a road crosscriss trip

    7. that i was preggers LMAO

  • Hi all!

    I wish I had seen this chat several days ago. Took me a bit to read and catch up.

    Feangelikah, I wish your name was easier to spell! hehehe How's that for truth? Just teasing. I noticed you mentioned wishing the ability to speak your mind without ridicule. Here is my question. Are you able to speak your mind? Do you speak your mind? Because you need not overly concern yourself of if others will approve your mind. It is only YOU who matters. So speak up and be as honest as you wish others to be.

    If you are being true and others don't approve well then.... you know who you can't trust to love and accept you. I'm not saying they have to agree with you, just that they should not disregard you.

    Sometimes I miss living in England! I could enjoy an evening at the pub followed by the stroll / stumble to the kababs!

  • Hey Salient Sorry Love how about Peg or Peggy? Easier? There is a bit of a story behind the name. A few are writing FE ...this also will work. I did just take a big step out and CRYING...just factual words...spoke my feelings and TRUTH. I am now starting a new life. Openness in Love and Truth is such Freedom and Light. I am trying to find me now and be who I was intended to be. I am still a little nervous but I am growing and it was a first step to building a new bridge to Light. I am so glad that Spirit was there to say speak NOW..GO! I am so glad I heard and heeded.

  • Nah, Feangelikah will do just fine. I wouldn't want you to change. You're perfect as you are.


    Welcome to truth. The world is yours. It will be interesting now to see how he reacts to the strong you stepping up to the plate.

    Very few well behaved women have made history!

  • Thanks Love Nah I don't need to make history but can I still have a little fun?

  • Oh, but you have made history. Now it is time for you to make your future. FUN you shall have!

  • Today I WISH that my blood family would grow the fidding up.

    Today i WISH my blood family would KNOCK IT OFF using me as their messanger go between diplomate peacemaker negotiator.

    Today i WISH i was with Charlie in USA or WHEVER as long as it AINT anywher CLOSE to my blood family.

    Today i WISH i had a cleaning lady.

  • more fun pleeeeaase ! hubby fell asleep on New Year's eve, and forgot his phone alarm was set on 24 hour clock,so slept through, it went off next day at 11am!!!! so I was sitting up all alone for the chimes, as son gave up at 11.30 , but he did try to make up since so I'm not too mad at him as he spent all the next two days decorating, curtains and bedding browsing with me.....

  • Aawwww sweet son. Hubby needs a kick in the rear no? HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • Definitely!!!

  • i WISH for a day without pain of any kind.

    I WISH my man calls me lol

    i WISH my man WAS IS HERE IN PERSON yeppers

    i WISh for a great sundae ice cream lol

  • Today I WISH I was in the Carribean, walking in footsteps of my n all our ancestors in those places. To live and breathe history. Today i WISH i lived there. LOL

  • I wish my window would open as the door slammed in my face.

    I wish for a job that brings just enough to help me hold on to my future.

    I wish God would speak louder as I seem to have hearing issues.

    I wish God and my time where the same.

    I wish for one day of open honesty...tired of figuring out the lies and hidden agendas.

    I wish the pain would go away.

    I wish it were not so cold and icey.

    I know we need the snow but I wish Spring would hurry.

    I wish my oldest son were here now...I miss you Christopher. I can't wait to see you! Not much longer right?

    I wish I had my own home...another in time item.

  • I WISH i was At HOME right NOW!!!!! ....................................... UGH THIS WILL be a Shizbaahhh LONg day UUUGGHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hear you Feangelikah,

    I wish the word 'WAIT' had no meaning at all and didn't exist. I'm so tired of waiting.....

    You don't need an open window. You have an open door right in front of you when the one behind you closes.

    You don't need to "hold on to" your future. It's coming whether you grip it tightly and tire yourself or if you simply relax and let go. Your future is coming either way.

    God doesn't need to speak louder and your time and God's time are the same. You are an intricate part of God. Like a drop of blood in a whole body. The blood droplet cannot survive outside the body and the body cannot survive without blood. You are, we are, all, whole.

    The honest truth is you can only influence your own honesty. And remember this: Do NOT torture yourself with details. However tempting it is DON'T look too closely if not necessary. Accept what is and let go. You don't need the details or the visuals to keep the pain going. The pain will go away when you allow it to. (Yes, I speak to myself as I write too).

    Dang, I ain't got notin witty to say about the cold and icey and Spring other than ME TOO!

    Christopher is a beautiful name. It is amazing what a blessing our babies are. I was just thinking the other day that I really shouldn't be sad when I have two of the most beautiful people in the world in my life to love me, my daughters.

    Time is your tool right now. Remember, prepare and appreciate having the time to do it.

    I love you Feangelikah!

  • Salient I so love you too honey. You have so so touched a piece of my heart. I do not even know what to say Except I WISH I could just sit and have coffee, tea, Kahlua I am WITH YOU. I hope that you can feel my arms wrapping around you right now.

  • Charmed for the post I wish ...

    I wish I knew what your major is.

    Prey tell. I hear of your tests ...OH MY WORD I do not like TESTS. Freaks me out!

    I wish I knew what Charmed liked to do Hobbies, ect.

    I wish I knew what kind of music Charmed likes

    I wish I could get together with these ladies in real life and time

    I wish I could bring Charlie home to you

    I wish I could hold you and just be there for you

  • Hey Feangel

    Thanx Ill try and reply for ya.

    Majors non per se as its a computer science education. It contains of technology in the hardward software sense, programming java, database and combining those 2, It in organization, business, Applying UML, and e business. And thats just year one spreaded on 2 semesters. Additions to it comes as the teachers aint fully chosen if we need more books or if they will conocote their own. Daily lessons from 8 am to noon, 2 days to 2 pm, 3 to 4 hours homework prepperations a day. I often wind up each week above 40 hours in total.

    So when weekend comes i do all i dont get time for in the week like chores of laundry, cleaning etc. At rare times when im down or blue n distraught i take time to feel it to rid of it. Thats when im Charlie longing n clinging n sound like i have no life. Which is a laff. My life consists of education n learning 24/7.

    Hobbies: chattting, posting on tarot, music, books, charmed, emergency, dharm and greg, the big bang theory, two n half men, csi, sci new york, csi miami, sensing murder in short tv lol my friends, writing, painting, talking on phone with my friends etc

    Music: eclectic, katy perry, pink, christina aquilera, abba, bon jovi, robbie williams, billie holiday, louis amstrong, glen miller, no angels, monrose, Lena, infernal u name it

    i´d love to meet u to feangel

    Ok and to todays wishes.








  • OH Charmed Thanks for humoring me. I really would like to get to know you and so I wished.

    Wow ..I too was a fool...yes a fool when I was in college. I was the idiot that took 21 credits a term and still had 4 kids at home. I love to learn but crumb the work and time. Honey I didn't have a life when I was in school. You have chosen good classes though. Computers will never die. Hey maybe the next time I crash mine you will be ready to lend me a hand ...or at least laugh at me and send me to Best Buy. lol ABBA! I still have some of the old vinyls. I wish Charlie could be here or you there too. I wish for your longing to be filled. I do know what it is like to yearn for someone and it hurts so bad when they are not in your arms, especially at that moment. What do you paint? Watercolors, oil? My grandmother painted landscapes in watercolor. When do you find time? You write poetry? See now I am being nosy. lol Can we share the cleaning lady and everyother weekend job home wishes PLEASE?!

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