Inspired By My Main Man Today I WISH .......

  • I started out painting aqua colors also known as water colors, i moved to oil paints n acryllics

    as for time .............. rarely lol after painting i switched to writing, more fullfiling

    i write poetry among more yes.

    share cleaning lady n weekend work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mmmm we need to find em first no?

  • Hello Charmed, I love the idea of living in the Caribbean! I wish for a REAL man! Is there such a thing? Does this entity actually exist? LOL! I think not!

  • Hey quenkath, yea the carribean rocks. I´d love to visit the old isle which Denmark stupidly sold off. Stupid danes back then tsh. Consider what greatness they later showed on all areas. tsh fo shame! Closest ive been to the carribean feeling was Spain. LOL

    Real men ................... yes they do exist .............. but close n personally ....... dunno ......... i bet they say the same of women lol

    I WISH i knew if Charlie is into me or not

    i WISH he´d open his trap n say it

    i WISH men knew what the EFFINg they want wish need

    i WISH this blues would go bite itself.

    i WISH for choc n cheese cakes.

  • cheesecake, please! YUM! that looks, so good!

  • I want a whole TRUCK load ....................... no wait that would mean i´d need a freaking huge walk in refrigerator to keep em all cool ......................... snap!

  • not if you ate it first!

  • Have u any idea of how many cheese n choc cake there would be in a HUGE truckload???

  • you can have the chocolate cake! that's Half a truck, for you! and my half(anyone care for any......) the cheesecake, I'm still, eating there; I hate carryout!

  • What kind of carry out? ahm i want my share of cheesecake gurlfriend! lol

  • I will bring a truckload of cheesecake and some caramel syrup. AND COFFEE! Need more coffee! On a white sand beach with clear waters and beautiful birds and butterflies and dragonflies and Kahlua for my COFFEE. I wish there was a way to find the time and money to go with the ladies to the Caribbean. Carribean? oops never looks right to me.

  • You know Charmed I love writing but even without school in my life again for now; I still cannot find the time or often my brain won't slow down enough to make sense of putting words to the thoughts. I bet you have an awesome writing style. I have a funny feeling that both your peace and fire ignite. I would love to see some one day if you care to share.

  • U mean share it on here????

  • not necessarily. here if you care to...

  • I WISH today that I HAd a every other every 3rd weekend job. Lord knows i NEEEED the money. Oh well better get LOOKING as it wont snap land like that in my lap. Nope.


  • TOday i WISH my MAIN man n my bestests male pals would come by n HUG me good n long. I´d LOVE for a LONG LONG moment against their chests, and just revel in the love.

    Aaahhhhh ...........................

    I WISH for that TICKET ive seen in preminitions and dreams so get here already SIGH!

    i WISH i was close to either one of me MEN! Yeye SO what ya NEVER had had the blues zing on like SNAP?! Sure ya have if ya say ya dont ure a liar! Just saying!

    I WISH for cheesecake.

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