Inspired By My Main Man Today I WISH .......

  • baby, dragons, are, cute! don't be sad! I know, sometimes, it's, not possible, "you feel, what, you feel" and sometimes, (feeling it.....) is the best, cure, regretably; Sigh! A lot, of what's wrong, this time, of year, "post traumatic Holiday stress"; even, if, holidays, were, good, there is that feeling, of now, what? more........ please, "what do you mean, It's over..... next year"(rhetorical) and, if holidays, weren't what, we expected/hoped for, disappointment, remorse, etc, well, what will, satisfy, that hunger, not much, in the moment; decades, ago, when, "Christmas" was, "in full swing", in our life, "BIG DEAL", I would wrap, beautifully/specially, dozens, of empty boxes, set, in a special place, by themselves; everyone, knew, the boxes, were empty, and, everyone, at the moment, of their choosing, would "pick"one, and imagine, inside, of the empty, box, what it was, they really, wanted/hoped for, that they, hadn't, gotten yet; amazingly, somewhere, during the next year, "the GIFT, of the EMPTY BOX" would appear! , so don't give up, "things", come, in their, own time, sometimes, takes, a little longer, than expected! Hugs! Cat Cat

  • Yeah i hope so. .................i guess!

  • Thanks Charmed for the I Wish post. Maybe some of these wishes and dreams will come true!

    I wish people would stop hiding and lying to me. They feel they will disappoint me if they tell me what is really going on. Even when I tell them exactly what I have been shown, told or felt and know it to be true

    I wish I could somehow find an at home job that really works. Not big money important to me..just enough is all I need.

    I wish my husband would face reality

    I wish people could love you for who you are not what you can do for them

    I wish I were stronger and more resourceful

    I wish I could speak my heart without confrontation and ridicule

  • Yw dear!

  • TOday i WISH that I KNEW IF my intuition n gut is INDEED ON THE MARK.!!!!??????

    What i get is SOOOOOO INCREDIBLE!!! SOOOO AAAAMMMAZZIIIINNGG that it makes any mormal person, even me who often aint labelled normal LMAO; go aint this too good to b true n to b trusted. My gut says as i look at his picture, he would no questions asked. Danglading have i hit jackpot or what? I wonder if i provided him with the information needed i´d see what i gutintuitively hear will happen? or if he´d ......................naaah never. ....................... he is a decent man .............but he may asked ..............oh hell another golddiggar? i WISH i knew.

    Oh these doubts i WISH i didnt have em!

  • Additions. My gutintuitivity n telepathically message from he says, the loaning is no big deal. no biggie! Like he is DYING to help me. I WISH someone would let me know if im off wired or THAT intuned. OH MY WORDS

  • Charmed that blue dragon is just so huggably cute

    Now, Serious Bit..

    Today I wish ...That anyone away from their loved ones gets at least an hourlong phone call,every day, and the charging machine doesn't notice so it comes in free

    that anyone out there lonely finds if not a friend a lover for life, so they're not lonely any more

    that anyone out there poor and in debt, gets better off, so they don't have to put their lives on hold

    that those who are ill get better and their health is restored

    that nobody is ever cruel to animals or people any more

    and that politicians get some common sense and make it a peaceful world for the rest of us to live in.

    and I'll worry about wishing for me next year

  • chrissiecat, you are, a good soul; I wish, someday, your son, will come home, with this, beautiful, smart, gentle "bride-to-be", and she'll, "be just, like you", and, she, will, "immediately, recognize, you, "as the Mother, she's, "wished for", all, her life, and she, will be, the daughter, you've, waited/wished for, all of these, years! Cat

  • Bitterness of regret has long set in. I NOW WISH i HAD asked Him. I SO WISH IT. at least he wouldnt hold anything n all against me like me mom gemini did n does.

    How i BITTERLY regret i didnt overcome my fear of labels and asked him to help me out.

    i WISH i wasnt such a CHICKEN!!!

  • I wish, Charmed, was joining us, for dinner, this New Years Eve; Cat Cat, Billy and the Gang

  • AWWW that is so sweet Cat Cat. Happy New Year everyone!

    Remember New Beginnings!

  • definitely the one thing I wish is that there is more love and happiness for everyone in the world from tonight, (it's 8.41am here so we've got a few hours to go yet)

    Love, Light, and Blessed Be to all here )O(

  • Wire me the ticket. Im not due for class until week 2.

    Its the 31st 11,25 Am and I WISH my man would ring the door phone RIGHT NOW!

    dang right i cant wish before ive seen a airoplane pass on the skies.

  • Happy New Years! Charmed, ChrissiCat, Groovyger, Salient, Fe, (and ALL) to you and yours, wishing you, a fruitful, and abundant harvest, in all manner, in the New Year! Cat Cat ,William(Billy) and the fur-family

  • For ya all.

  • I wish I had Kahlua for my coffee. Rested for about 21/2 hrs no real sleep for me...crum.

    I wish that we will all take a good look into this new year and truly surround ourselves in TRUTH, Forgiveness, respect and love. I wish the hurt would just go away. I wish you all love and safety during your travels to festivities this night. I wish people would get a designated driver if drinking...PLEASE! Oh yes and Cat you warned me that I would be alone for New Years Eve..right on Love. He is working at the pub and no desire to spend it here so...I do my thing then! For you that have little ones and want to party in the year..This is the night that I do free overnight care. No driving with wee ones in the snow, ice and oh are drinking and already shouldn't be driving..leave the child with me! I really kinda love doing it. Years ago I had 14 children all under the age of 7. Movies, games and coloring books!!!! I wish I had that kind of energy again.

  • FE, you're not, really, alone; "we" are all with you! Happy New Year! Love Cat& Billy, and the gang

  • Thanks Cat..I know thank you just a moment of depression... it's gone 🙂 HUGS

  • Fe, it's going to be all right! we'll, all help! I'm, working, on, "new thoughts", and Billy's(William)is going, to help, Charmed, too! One, for sure, both of us agree(miracle! that's, funny....)on, men, inparticular, and commonly, "like", to talk about, what interests them, amuses them, their point of view, try, that, for a start; if, that, doesn't, open, a channel, reread, what Charmed said, first page, and be patient, Happy New Year! to You/Yours, and that's, a wonderful, thing, you do, the children, for New Years! You are, a very good person, and, a fine Lady! Cat

  • By God Ladies i DO have my moments. Then again I learnt it as im now trying to convey suggest to u what works. I had help from a lady as well. We helped eachother. N no she aint never been on here. She has her load full lol

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